I am a used car supplier to dealers in Dammam and Jeddah.

Salaam Alaikum.
I am a used car exporter to the middle east. My company has been in business for over 20 years. My father, established the company in 1986 and still to this day we are still in business.
Our business is very professional and fair. We make sure that all the vehicles we export are clean inside and out. And we never buy any salvage or any junk car. And we make sure that the prices of the vehicles, are fair for both me and our clients.
Through-out our years in business, we have supplied a lot of dealers in Dammam and Jeddah. And, thank God, we have kept the same clients for over 20 years. We have also acquired more clients as well.
Some of my clients include, Al-Mulhim Auto Services Co. and Al-Kifah Trading Corp.
I also work with 3 other smaller dealerships in Dammam.

I have maintained good business relations with all of my clients, just like my father did for all those years.

I know the market very well in Saudi Arabia. I have business associates in the area that inform me about that market. And I also, share the U.S. market with them.
There was a rumor that the U.S. car prices are dropping by 40%. That is NOT TRUE. In fact, the prices of U.S. used cars have went up. The SALES dropped 50% in the U.S., NOT PRICES!!!!! I can assure you and so can my clients.

I have started this year very well. And I have continued my business relations even through the economic crisis.

I carry Yukons, Tahoes, Suburban, Expeditions, Explorers, Trailblazers, Freestars, Uplanders, BMW 745 Li, Grand Marquis LS and Crown Victoria LXs, Lincoln Town Cars, Honda Odyessy Vans, Lexus LS 430 and more.
These vehicles, I would say are the best sellers in Saudi Arabia. But I can get any vehicle a client orders from me. Occasionally, I will get an order for a V.I.P customer, on any car he choses.

Unfortunately, I do not have a website right now. But I will soon. My company has a very good name in the region. And if anybody is looking for a car supplier from the U.S., I would be more than happy in establishing more business associates.

If anybody would like a list of cars that I have available right now, please contact me at TiltonAutoAA2@aol.com
I work with my clients very well. We will go back and forth on prices for a couple days before we finalize the deal. But el-Humdinlah, we always seal the deal.

REMEMBER, due to Saudi Arabian regulations, I cannot ship any vehicle under 05. This takes affect I believe in middle of June. Most of my cars anyways are 05 and up. But I do have some some 04 and under available.

Best Regards,
Aneese Abbedelal

Asalaam Alaikum.




need your car

please inform me ,if your car still with you


ur car honda accord 2008

is ur car already sold or do u still hav it wid u....if u hav then tell me some details abt it and in which city it is in and its price

ur car honda accord 2008

is ur car already sold or do u still hav it wid u....if u hav then tell me some details abt it and in which city it is in and its price

i want to buy a good condition 4w camry/civic/accord/etc..

hi my self Dr. Rajesh sahu from dammam. i want to buy a good condition 4w camry/civic/accord/sonat or any one in good condition under 5 years old but good condition,single hand used car. cont. me by mail or phone 00966-501381251

Used 2009 Audi Q7 4.2 Premium

2009 Q7 4.2 Premium with a beautiful Pearl exterior and Beige interior. Extremely well maintained and clean. Inside and out. man owner, non-smoker. 4.2L V8 Engine @ 350 hp and 325 lbs-ft of torque. Golf Spear, Audi's Quattro(R) Full-Time All-Wheel Drive System. Adaptive Air Suspension - provides handling control & comfort over a variety of road surfaces. always garaged Every available option inc Navigation Glass Roof Rear Sunroof Two sets of Tires and Wheels Maintenance Records on Everything.

Vehicle Description and Installed Options

* 3rd Row Seats
* Driver Air Bag
* Anti-Lock Brakes
* Air Conditioning
* Alloy Wheels
* Navigation System
* Cruise Control

* CD Changer
* Passenger Air Bag
* Rear Window Defroster
* Heated Seats
* Leather Seats
* Power Door Locks
* Power Mirrors

* Power Windows
* Power Steering
* Power Seats
* Side Airbags
* Sunroof
* Tinted Glass
* Tilt/Telescope Steering Wheel


Do you sitll have Audi for resale ?
If yes , please call me on 0566053512.



auction export

car worldwide is an auction export company with access to over 100,000 cars trucks and heavy equipment. our shipping services makes it very easy to process a smooth transactions to clients worldwide delivered by container or roro directly through our shipping services. a company with more than 21years in the field of export, you can rest assured for a quality service at very competitive prices.

Looking for SUV

Dear friend,

I am looking for good SUV above 2005 Model, pls can you give me some dealers numbers here in Jeddah, so i can visit their showrooms and check for cars.


mercury grand marquis

I need above car model 2002 to 2006 in a range of SAR 25,30000.


Salaam Bro,

I am located in jeddah and am looking for a smooth Chevrolet camaro 2002 SS or Z28. If you have any please contact me


Toyota Fortuner


I am yaseen. Interested to buy Toyota Fortuner 2009 or 2010. Please send me the price with the pictures



dear sir i need innovia family car .any body want sail.just . infom me on thihs MOBILE NO:-0500298650
dammam safwa

Looking for a Used Car

Dear Sir,

My name is Bilal Muslim and am currenly located in Jeddah temporarily. I am looking for an SUV above 2008. Do you have a show room of some sort I could come and visit?

Bilal Muslim

used car

dear sir i m eng.saif abdullah khan from pakistan i need ford grand marquia model up 2000 on install mint if u have plz inform me as soon as possible saifk91@gmail.com

Require Used Trailblazer @ Toyota Furtuner in Jeddah

I like to buy used but good condition car for my family in Jeddah. The car should be no accident need and clean.

regarding used car

Salam My brother my name is Mohamed Hamoud Gazali I live in Michigan. i am a Auto Broker and i find cars for people. my job is sample u inform me what year, make and u are interested in and i find it for the price u would like to pay. shipping is not included but i can also provide shipping services too. so please u can email me at moaz143@gmail.com or call me at 734-320-0059 if u are interested

Cars and automotives are

Cars and automotives are considered a requirement rather than a luxury nowadays. If you add the cost of commuting between your office and home, or the money you spend whenever you need to go somewhere, you will realize that getting your own car can help you save a lot of money in the long run. In addition, having a car is a great convenience especially when emergency arises. With the economic recession, many people delay their plans of purchasing a brand new car. But the good news is that you can get a car at a fraction of the cost of new car by opting for a used vehicle instead of purchasing your dream car that may shake your budget.

need autimatic car full option

I m looking for Automatic used car.
can u send a list of Honda Civic and Toyota,



Post your ads about your used Cars for free

Dear users,

Eharajgulf.com is totally free. You can register and post as many ads as your can. You can sell your used car by directly contacting the customers.

so visit http://www.eharajgulf.com and have fun

Eharaj Gulf Team

buy a chevy camaro

I want to buy a used Chevy Camaro SS V8 6.2L 2009/2010 and ship it to Jeddah,Saudi Arabia . I want to have some quotes . My tel +966546722040

Used Cars from Jeddah

Dear Mr.Aneese,

I am, kumar, from India. Pl send me a list of used cars with price list with yaer of mfg. and kms driven to my mail - akumaars@yahoo.com. I can work as your selling agent in India and share profit, because India is having good potential in used foreign cars segment.
Pl do reply to my mail.

kumar, INDIA

Hi, am in the US now going

am in the US now going back to Jeddah KSA
do you know how much it cost me to ship my car from LA to Jeddah port ?
it's Lexus IS300
and i heard that the student can get them cars after they finish the school even if it's older than 05 !! is that right ?
Waiting for your response

i need used trail blizer 2005_2006 good condition

i am sheikh zafar iqbal i want trail blizer good condition my contect jeddah 00966508604475 plz contect me this no

Outdoor Car cover is an

Outdoor Car cover is an important accessory required for your vehicle and one should not under estimate the importance of these protective shields. . These outdoor car covers protect your car from many undesirable weather conditions such as rains, dust, smoke, cat paws, debris and snow etc. With the increase in the number of cars these outdoor car covers have become even more important. Your car is subjected to various adverse conditions when parked outside your home or parking lot. These covers, if properly used help in lengthen your car’s life for many more years. These car covers are very cost effective and do not cost you a hefty amount.

outdoor car cover

please provide your price and location.thanks,dammam saudi arabia

toyota land cruiser 2009 V8

I need toyota land cruiser 2009 model V8 in jeddah and maximum 30000km used
My mob no 0552208565 umair

Looking for Land Cruiser Prado.

I need some help from you, I have a Toyota 4 Runner, 2005 model in USA, which I want to bring in Jeddah as I am moving my family to Jeddah, please let me know, can I move this car as a part of my relocation from USA to KSA with my house hold items. Also if I can not bring it in than I need to buy a Land Cruiser Prado of 2009 or 2010. Please call me at my mobile # 0567157281.
Sohail Khan


Salam alikum i live in jeddah .i have been searching long for trail blazer or blazer ,jimmy,tohoe all in model 1995-2000

I was basically looking

I was basically looking forward to buy a super car but a used one . I actually even had a chance to buy one from Indianapolis Used Cars , but the budget exceeded my expectation . So , if you can provide me with one in an average rate then I would really appreciate it ...

RV in Jeddah

I recently bought a '93 Ford Eldorado modified into an RV but without a WC. I would like to know where in or near Jeddah I can have it customized and/or maintained.

I can act as the Business Agent Investment in the China Market

If you're going to find a global investment market, make your money can obtain long-term and stable profit margins, the market where? You should see it in Asia.So-called world economy in Asia,Asian economy in China. The Investment market, at least in the next twenty years is such.
So, if you are willing to more specific more in-depth understanding of China's consumer market, investment market. Can you give me an email, aw.cgs@hotmail.com, tell me your desire and interest huan industries or specific investment project. You might say to me, and I have a lot of money and I cooperation,Unfortunately, because I don't have much money to become a partner? But I am still happy with you establish the cooperation relations friends or partners for your job, and your comprador,as your business representative.,best for you responsible.
But for the following industries. You might have some interest in commercial real estate, such as:Environmental renovation project, Commercial retail, Road traffic, Tourist project etc. Of course more industries and very specific projects in waiting for you to choose.

used Parado

i am looking Parado 2007-2008-2009 good condition if ome body have contact me my mobile is 0504300294

buying american imported cars in jeddah

is there anybody who can give me addresses of agencies selling imported american cars in good conditions in jeddah.thanks in advance.

need mini cooper

please help me to find mini cooper in saudi arabia


I would like to purchase auto transmissions for GMC, FORD other SUV`s in large amount.
please send me in the details for how much and how many you can provide me at a time.
please reply soon waiting for your positive feedback.




used cars & used engins

Dear Saabir,
Salam,I have company here in JAPAN.I start new business one year before.If you like to do business with me,please do not hasitate contact with me,We can go long time with honest sence.
Hope to recive your favourable reply soon......


Khalid Faridi ( president)
Shikra Trading Co ltd
344-0067,saitama,ken,chuo,405 Japan
T.+81-48-797-7822 FAX 23

We can seriously help to buy you, your dream-car from the US

Yes, you can at all times count on us in buying you your dream-car from America.

I need buyers from Saudi Arabia, I can send American cars!

Hello everyone, I live in USA and I can get Anerican and Japanese car for the buyers. I beleive my prices will be very competitive with others, and I can assure low market prices. I am an independent seller. I have never done this before, I need to know that there are buyer for me so start shipping cars over. I will also need some information on the transportation of the cars or if there is a company that can transport the cars for me will be very heplfull. I am looking forward to doing business with anyone that feel comfortable with this business. Thank you.

Need Ford Edge 2011 and Above

I am looking to buy a Ford Edge 2011 and above Used or 0 Milage (Depends on the price I get). I have checked the local prices and am looking for alternatives. Could you advise how you would be able to request to find and ship one here?

Bilal Muslim

Shipping cars to Middle East !!!

Dear all,

As we enter April of 2010, crisis has slowly but constantly been subsiding resulting in higher exporting rates and lack of space availability. Being in business for over 18 years gives up a list of important positive factors and advantages that we would love to share with you:

1. 16 open contracts with major steam ship lines grants us and our customers:

a) Versatility
b) Competitive rates
c) Space availability
d) Transit time

2. Highly qualified staff with extensive and wide variety of skills and attributes:
a) Customer Support
b) Loyalty
c) Professional and safe service

3. Operating and servicing major US / Canadian ports:
NY/NJ ; Baltimore; Savannah; Miami; Houston; LA; Toronto.
a) Convenience
b) Affordability
c) IT support and tracking

Marine Transport Logistics Inc (MTL) was founded in 1993 in New York , USA . MTL Incorporation is the licensed forwarding agent; primarily involved in carrying out activity in the market of transport services. MTL is committed various types of Ocean transportation services to any international destination to offer their valuable clients. Conveniently located at the heart of East Coast port system – Bayonne NJ , MTL occupies over 6 acres of land and professional Loading dock with 10 platforms. The company uses newest logistics software and is operated by over 45 employees. Our Receiving facility is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and is under security all the time.

We ship over 150,000 vehicles per year from the USA to all worldwide destinations.

Cars, Motorcycles – any size, model or year (new, used or salvaged).
• Boats, Yachts – in 40 HC Container, up to 26 Feet long!
• RV's – all models and specifications.
• Heavy Machinery - Backhoes, Excavators, Skid Steers, Forklifts, Bobcats, Chassis
Up to 36 feet ! Professionally dissembled to fit in the 40 HC container.
• Trucks – Day Cabs, Sleeper Cabs (professionally disabled for container measurements).
• Auto Parts – Engines, Transmissions, Tires, Body parts, etc.

New Special service of cutting and dissembling any type of vehicle (Up to 12 in 40HC container)!!!
• Roll-on / Roll-off service to 170 ports worldwide!

Advantages of MTL logistics services:
• MTL has their own agents at North and South Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East loading ports (easy, fast and reliable custom clearance and paperwork procedure).
• MTL own State Of the Art unloading facility with showroom for auto sales on our premises!!!
• MTL offers discount prices program for our VIP clients.

Loading out of Boston; NY; NJ; Baltimore; Norfolk; Savannah; Georgia; Florida; Houston; LA; Oakland; Montreal; Chicago !!!

You can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destinations in the same condition you handed them over to us. Our safety records for cargo shipment delivery have exceeded all industry standards.

MTL Marine Transport Logistics
63 Hook Road
Bayonne , NJ , 07002
Main: (201) 858-8600
Fax: (201) 858-8607
Cell: (917)421-2029
Email: Sales@mtlworld.com

Nice to watch

I am interested in buying cars from me.Please free to call me.

Thanks for the post.
limo miami

used mistubishi mini van

Urgently i need 2000-2005 used mistubishi mini van for business purpose.please contact 0535491674/ 0567909624/ 0535138801.(Dammam surrounding location only)

Toyota Supra Twin Turbo

Need a way to import only supra 93-98 model car.can you help....?

need 4wd

i live in alhofouf i am looking for a good 6 cylinder 4wd in a good price can you send me information with pictures.

Many Thanks

gmc yukun or envoy.

I m looking for car yukun or envoy model 2002 to 2004 at good price. plz find me soon.

gmc envoy

i have one for sale for 65,000 SAR . only

Trail Blazer

I'm looking for a trail blazer 2005/2006 full option.
please quote and send me the minimum delivery time

Trail Blazer

If you are still looking for Trail Blazer than I have the follwing with its specs. which is as follow:

Model: 2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LT
Kilometers: 39 465km
Color: Red
Inside Color: Grey
Doors: 5 Doors
Transmission: Automatic
Cylenders: 6
Engine: 4.2L ( Petrol )

Final Price: $16 995 Canadian FOB.

If interested do let me know for further details. or you can contact me or text me at: 1-514-746-8211

Good 4w Car above 2004 model

I'm intersted to buy a good 4W car above 2004 model. The car should be at least 7 seater in a very good condition