Europe Muslim Ladies Fashion Clothing

I made a market research in one year and I noticed a strong needfrom oriental-muslim women. The aim of the brand that I am creatingcombines decency and stylishness. The problem is not to be fashionableor not, it is to give a positive image to our religious and moralvalues with decent clothes, a simple and formal style, in order toboost our image and to make integration easier. We get our influencesfrom different cultures - Asia, Persia, Orient, Maghreb - and we adaptto the European style, while respecting precise islamic criteria for amodern and elegant style, to finally give the opportunity to getdressed with a large choice with renewable and fashionable collections.It is a unique project on the French market, even European inReady-to-Wear. The need is real. More than one million customers(minimum) registered, only in France. and at that day, no brand totallyanswers to their needs. This society is being built, I just need afinancial partnership to start up this project. The financing that I amlooking for is aimed at launching the brand - production,manufacturing, distribution, website... etc. This financing would allowsetting up an aimed commercial strategy, Raedy-to-wear exhibitions,fashion shows, and the like. The total amount of the investment needed is evaluated at 40.000 euros.Type of partnership desirable: Associate Investor.