NGV/CNG business in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum to all Muslim Investor,

Our company, Mygasasli Holdings Sdn Bhd, is one of the private company in Malaysia seeking foreign support in terms of investment from any Muslim investor worldwide who are able to support us in setting up our mission to start NGV/CNG business and its related businesses in Malaysia.

Our Prime Minister has announce the increase of petroleum and diesel price in Malaysia. All partiies in Malaysia are waiting for the Government to erect more NGV stations to serve the public which stands less than 50 stations nationwide to serve about 15,000 user of NGV.

We, in MyGas, is planning to erect more than 45 NGV stations nationwide in the first year operations and also to convert petrol/diesel driven vehicle at the rate of 10,000 vehicles per year.

In terms of technical back-up, we are ready. We have make arrangement with our business associates especially from Argentina, Italy and UK to support us in this mission. In order to make this mission a success venture, we require an investment of about USD 1 billion.

We are open to any suggestion and cooperation from any parties especially from any Muslim Investment Group to support us in our mission.

From Malaysia, we also intend to go global with Indonesia as our next country of investment.


Looking for Joint Venture in Malaysia for 3 Wheeler Manufactur

Dear Sir,

This is shah from Bangladesh, Canadian Citizen, Doing business in Bangladesh,In sector of 3 Wheeler manufacturer.

3 Wheeler in LPG,CNG,DIESEL,PETROL. I would like to know about Malaysia,for 3 Wheeler manufacturer.

Please let me know your 3 Wheeler business interest for Joint Venture in Malaysia,if possible to manufactur & local sale & for export Thanks.




"CNG Stations in SouthEast Asiaian countries"

Dear all,

We are in the field of cng business in pakistan for the last 15 years,we need the following information for setting up the "CNG Stations Malaysia"

Kindly address these concerns,

1.)Rules and regulation a company has to follow for setting up cng station in Malaysia
2.)Approximate investment required
3.)Who are the different agencies/authorities involved in the approval process of cng station
4)What is the process for setting up a CNG Station in Malaysia

Looking for your kind feedback and support


tube trailer for CNG

Dear brother,

our company is cng tube trailer manufacturer in China, we produce tube trailer with gas capacity from 5525M^3 to 7550M^3, products approved by CE, ISO11120, for transporting and storage of CNG at monther station and daugher station, we shall be very glad have have inquiry from all friends for cooperation.

Please contact with us at: for detail information.

Thank you very much.

URL: Skype: cepexa.yony

Setting up a CNG Station in Malaysia

Dear all,

Please accept my wishes for making this portal a wonderful place for discussions

Actually need some inputs as i am MBA Student, doing a summer internship project on "CNG Stations in SouthEast Asiaian countries"

Kindly address these concerns,

1.)Rules and regulation a company has to follow for setting up cng station in Malaysia
2.)Approximate investment required
3.)Who are the different agencies/authorities involved in the approval process of cng station
4)What is the process for setting up a CNG Station in Malaysia

Looking for your kind feedback and support




Looking to set-up a business in Malaysia. Preferably a gas station or restaurant would be ideal to invest in.

If anything comes up, drop an email >
or +92 321 257 0000

Thanking you.

Abu Layla

CNG compressor maintenance and repair

Dear managers, we are a CNG compressor maintenance and repair company with many years experiences in Middle East countries CNG systems,new stablished in Malaysia.
our technical manager has maintenance & repairing certificate from Hoerbiger company main office in Europe , and had been in thier supplier and support team in middle east for many years . please dont hesitate contact us for any requirement. or
our mobile NO(060)176343537

Volkswagen Supplier offering top quality CNG cylinders

Dear All,

As a top 3 supplier of CNG/NGV cylinders in China with certificates of exporting cylinders to Europe, U.S and many markets, we are the supplier of Volkswagen, Toyota, Sino truck and more.

Contact me if you have any cylinder requirements or need any supports in developing NGV business in Malaysia or Indonesia.

Chris Lu
Area Manager (Southeast Asia Region)

I want to open gas station in houston texas

I am looking for private investor to open a gas station, if any one interested please contact me at

CNG opportunities in Kazakhstan

Assalamu Aleikum W.R.W.B.,

CNG was just recently introduced as a fuel in Kazakhstan, thus presenting lots of opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and many others involved in this segment of business. National gas company is planning to build 100+ cng fuelling stations across the country within next 5-10 years, two of which already up & running.

Now I am setting up CNG conversion business as market yet to be developed for fuelling stations in prospect, and would be most grateful for any suggestions, advices, proposals etc. In particular I am interested in following areas of support to make the business success:
- cylinders/conversion kits of conciderable price that comply with highest international stds
- technical support and trainings (to ensure competent & qualified technicians does the conversion)
- any friendly advice on how to succeed and mature in this area of business.

Assalamu Aleikum,

Engineering and Consultation supports

Dear Mr. AKHAN, Assalam-o-alaikum.
I am happy to know the CNG Market progress in Your country.
We are in CNG Business since 1988 in Pakistan. We have done almost 450 CNG Plants installation through out our country, Pakistan.
If you send me a reply with your contacts , emails thn I can send you more details about our self and HOW we can assit you professionaly.
Best regards.


Dear Sir,
I have a great pleasure in introducing our company, DRAV MULTITRADING PVT. LTD. which is a DRAV Group venture promoted to trading of all kind of High Pressure Cylinders for CNG on Board Application for Automobiles, cascades and Cylinders for Industrial uses.
We are sole distributors of EURO INDIA CYLINDERS. Which is adhere to the highest International Certification fromSGS, BV & VCA UK, under ISO 11439:2000, NZS 5454:1989 Standards and UN ECE R110 E-Mark, ISO 9809 and IS 15490:2004, IS: 7285 (Part 1), IS: 7285 (Part2) under BIS for Domestic market.
We understand that your Organization is one of the reputed consumers for CNG Cylinders. We trust that we would be in a position to serve you and provide you the best rated Cylinders. Please feel free to contact us for your requirements and we shall be proud to associate with you in prosperity of your business.
Waiting for your favorable reply.
Best Regards,
Deepak Sharma (Director)
Drav Multitrading Pvt.Ltd.

Registered Office:-
Drav Multitrading Pvt.Ltd.
C-403,safal parisar-1,south bopal,
Ahmedabad-380058,Gujarat (India).
Cell. No.+91 9687430999, +91 9375783284,

Corporate office:-
Drav Multitrading Pvt.Ltd.
216-Morya Land mark-1,
Off Link Road,Opp.Infinity Mall,Andheri(west)
,Mumbai 400053,India.
Tel. +91 2242958881/2


We are intrested to supply CNG Cylinders & also if intrested for manufacture of cylinders in your country shall give complete know how.

Pankaj Sanghrajka
P S Consultant
M.No: +919824028715

CNG, NG Business in Kazakhstan

Dear Sir,

I am a Pakistan based business consultant, engage in business development, project and contract management of Gas Fuel Stations, Kits Installation in vehicles and related technical and financial details. I am eager to find opportunity for doing business in Kazakhstan and need local support guide line.

Please write back to me direct to email;

Mian Tariq

CNG future in Pakistan

Mian Tariq (AOA)

Just See your home page, What is the future of CNG facility in Pakistan …., that I had installed all the equipments in my place like
1. 270 Compir Compressor
2. 1 No. Compac Dispenser
3. 1 No. Tesla Dispenser
4. 30 Nos. 80 w/L cascade
5. Cooling tower, Blow down, PLC panel and complete pipe fixing etc.

Although we had taken form “B” from from Explosive department

1. Applied in Gas department for Demand Note.
2. Applied in OGRA for Marketing License.

In these circumstances what step I took, in guide us.



the future in Paksitan

Dear Tariq,

Glad to see your information about Pakistan market.
If possible we can have more communication through emails and i am planning to go to Pakistan.

Hope to see you.
My email:

Best regards,


the future in Paksitan

Dear Tariq,

Glad to see your information about Pakistan market.
If possible we can have more communication through emails and i am planning to go to Pakistan.

Hope to see you.
My email:

Best regards,


Lpg,Cng;Diesel Conversion Kits.

We are a company producing Diesel,LPG and CNG conversion systems (kits) in Ankara/TURKEY.We manufacture according to ECR 67-01 norms. Moreover, we supply 2 years of warranty for our products. Please contact for more information about our products and prices.
Best Regards,


Foreign Trade Manager

Phone: 0090 312 394 22 15

Fax: 0090 312 394 22 16

Emine Simsek, Simsek Otogaz

İvedik Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Merkez San. Sit. 35.Cad. No:39
Ankara, TURKEY

LPG Kits for Cars & Motorcycles

Global Auto Gas Industries
Punjab, Gujranwala.
12th February, 2012.

Dear Mr. or Madam,

I would like to introduce our company, (Global Auto Gas Industries), which has been in the business of (Manufacturing LPG, CNG, Generator Conversion Kits, Governors, Gas Carburetor, LPG tanks, refilling wall, change over switch, filling valve, switches, advanced mpfi/ carburetor, high pressure pipe regulators, CNG change over switches, CNG conversion switch, LPG vaporizer, CNG digital switches, auto gas kits, auto LPG kits, auto CNG kits, LPG valves, CNG valves, CNG universal emulators, CNG injection kits, heavy vehicle CNG kits, and accessories ) for the past (27 years).

Especially we deals in motor cycle LPG kits m Cylinder with fitting and all kind of accessories.

We have a well-established track record and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction. We offer great service of quality at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our service.

We would like to offer our (business terms) to your (organization). Please do not hesitate for farther information.

For farther Detail please contact us,

+92 344 5741100
+92 355 202601
+92 355 202602


(M. Zahid Saleem Minhas)
General Manager.
Global Auto Gas Industries.

Require CNG Station in Malaysia

We have CNG bussiness in Pakistan Now We wish to get purchase/lease new or already operated CNG station in Malaysia.How much we need RM $ to start a gas station in Malaysia in KL /Melaka.
Thanks with regards
Zahid Sarwar

Gas Station in Malaysia in Klang Valley

If its under dealership might cost about RM1 million

If its under sole, dealer own and dealer operates might cost about RM3 - 10 million depends on high traffic areas.


niezam +6019-3388664

cng station in malaysia

Dear we are in the field of cng business in pakistan for the last 12 years,we want to purchase or set up cng station in malaysia,plz give us the complete details of cng business,its cost and its future in malaysia.
Naveed Iqbal

Your Email


I have all the info that u need, plus i got one well profit Shell Gas Station to sell in malaysia. Kindly email at

Regard, Harfiez


Dear Harfiez.
Please give me the complete details of Shell Gas Station in Malaysia which you have posted.

Naveed Iqbal

Setting Up CNG Station

Dear Friends

We M/s Ortech International related with CNG Industry in Pakistan Since 1999 and running our Five CNG Station with CNG Kit Conversion Centers in different cities of Punjab (that is in :Rawalpindi & Islamabad, Chiniot, Kharian), Pakistan

We are also installing more then 200 CNG station in all over Pakistan for our Clients with Brand New and Recondition Compressors on a Turn Key basis. We facilitate our customer to design the Building & CNG Equipment according by American Petroleum Institute (API), British Standard (BS) or New Zealand Standards (NZ) with Financial Projection, Project Budgeting, Income Statements, By Back Period with Risk and Returns on the basis of Sales by the calculated of Traffic etc.

We have the capacity to recondition the all type of CNG Compressor and having the high Skilled and Experience team of Engineers for Maintenance of CNG Compressor, Dispenser and CNG Kits etc

We are looking the business options in Malaysia, in above mentioned scope

Pleas feel free to contact with us

Yasir Hameed Awan
Managing Director

Mobile no: 0092-301-856-7171
Training & Courses in CNG
Comprehensive Four Months training of High Pressure Air & CNG (CH4 & CH3) Compressors and Refuelling CNG Station by Natural Energy Resources (NER) New Zealand Limited. Following subjects are cover in the training:
• High Pressure CNG Compression Technology
• Features of High Pressure Compressors
• Compressors Safeties & Standards
• Compressors Maintains & Supports
• Compressor Starter (Electric Control Panel with PLC or Relay Based)
• Cooling Systems of Compressor with Functioning of Air & Water Cooled Systems
• Compressor Blow Back (Blow Down Recovery Vessel)
• Dispensers:
1. Three Line Electronic Dispensers with Mass Flow Meter, Solenoids, Fittings and Safety Glands etc.
2. Three Line Manual Dispensers with Auto Sequencing Systems etc.
• Cascades (Cylinder Storage) According CNG Standard NZS 5258 1989, BS 5045 part 1: 1982 or D.O.T. 3AA (U.S.A)
• Three or Two Line Priority Panel with Compressor Top Off System.
• Inspection of High Pressure Pipe & Fittings
• Instruction for Commissioning of CNG Compressor and Refueling Station
• Statically Data Collection from Operators
• Management of CNG Station regarding Gas & Electricity Consumption Accordingly Sales of Gas

CNG compressors


Our company designs and manufactures hydraulically compressor for CNG. We offer cooperation in the design of CNG.

Head of the Department marektinga
company "UHDC"
Igor Gusev

looking for partener

Dear Sir,

Presently we are looking for a reliable partner/ importer/ distributor for markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam. Nowadays we are well represented and well known in Thailand.

Best regards
Fabio Stefanelli



CNG station in Malaysia


As salamu alaikum. Brother are you interested to set up CNG station in Malaysia? Let if me know what help you need from Malaysisa. Inshallah I will try to serve you best.

cng in malaysia


over here in pakistan i am running a cng i want transfer my business to malaysia.

plz give me detail how i can transfer my all equipment to malaysia i want to install it over there in malaysia,



Interested in CNG Setup

Plz send me your email address, I want to discuss the CNG business in detail.
Please reply soon.
Irshad Khan

install cng station in malyseia and indonesia

sir i want information regarding install cng station and kit conversion center in malysia or indonesia, we have 3 year experience in cng field in pakistan,
kindly sent me information that how many cng stations are working in indonesia and malysia.and any other informatins reqarding cng.

Umair Anwar Kiani
mob:92 333 685 1314

install cng station in malyseia and indonesia

sir i want information regarding install cng station and kit conversion center in malysia or indonesia, we have 9 year experience in cng field in pakistan,
kindly sent me information that how many cng stations are working in indonesia and malysia.and any other informatins reqarding cng.

zaid iqbal
mob:92 300 5129131
off:92 51 2112375

Demand / Requirement

Asslam o Alaikum
Sweet Sir,
I am Muhammad Azhar Shahzad from Pakistan.
I have three CNG Filling Station and four workshops in different city of Pakistan. We are already installation of new kits in the all type of vehicle. It is to intimated that we have well experience installation of new CNG Kits / repair / mintenance of the CNG Vehicle.
It is to write to you with keen hope and interested to install / build CNG Filling Station and Workshop for installation of New kits / Repair & Mintenance of CNG Vehicle in Malaysia.
Please feel free to contact me.
I am awaiting your good reply.

Muhammad Azhar Shahzad
Address :Dhok Syadan Road
Kamalabad, Rawalpindi Cantt
Tel : +92-51-5680136
Mobile : +92-300-5552135
Email Address :

Looking For Furniture Importers

Hello Sir I m Noman Moosani from Falak Furnitures.
We are looking for importers of classic bedroom furnitures
we offer best quality bedroom furnitures,and want to make a longterm business relations therefore we will give you the best price and ensure best quality,please contact us or visit our website.

Best Regards
Falak Furnitures
Cell:: +92.333.3212388
Ph:: +92.213.7694771

CNG Bussiness in Malysia

Dear Sir, Could you please let me know the contact resourse person for informatio on the suject of CNG bussiness in Malysia as i am already running the same here in Punjab Pakistan,

Naeem Ashraf

cng station

hi i want do cng gas station business in Malaysia if you have project let me know thank you.



Interested in CNG Investment in Nepal?

We at Nepal use diesel and petrol engine for all vehicle. I being a LPG enterpreneurs, have studied the CNG business feasibility ventures in Nepal.It is very new concept in nepal which will benefit investers and government too.If anyone is interested please let me know.



Dear Sir
I am interested to install / purchase a CNG pump for filling of CNG Vehicles. It is also intimated that I am interested to make workshop for installation of new CNG Kits and repair / maintenance of CNG Vehicle. I have well experience run the CNG Pump and workshop being I have already three CNG Filling Station and Four workshops for installation / repair / maintenance CNG vehicles in different city of Punjab (Pakistan).
I hope you give me reply and send me more information. My email address is

Muhammad Azhar Shahzad
Address :Dhok Syadan Road
Kamalabad, Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Tel : +92-51-5680136
Mobile : +92-300-5552135
Mobile : +92-333-5622832
Email Address :

cng business in malaysia

Currently I am a consultant in promoting cng installation center in malaysia. any interested party/ies pls contact me either by email: or mobile: 006-016-6565 571. thank you

Cng safety testing ,cng cylinder testing in malysia ,indoneshia

My name is Sajjad Ahmad malik ,i am in cng business in Pakistan from last 13 years i have my own cng station and installed almost more than 100 cng stations in all over the Pakistan,now i have three NGV, and cng storage cylinder testing laboratories in Pakistan ,and a net work to inspect and test the safeties of cng station to ensure the safety at any cng station for smooth operation,i am interesting to established a network in Malaysia , Indonesia or in Tajikistan for cng station safeties testing as per international stander-ed and to develop cylinder testing labs for periodic testing of cng storage and Ngv cylinders testing,moreover we are manufacturing the cylinder testing My labs and my cylinder testing equipment are approved from oil and Gas regulatory authority (OGRA), Hydrocarbon development institute of Pakistan (HDIP) and explosive department in Pakistan.we also have a lot of experience of third party inspections of cng station and petrol station as per NZ ,As ,BS and Pakistan cng safety rules1992 and petroleum act 1937 and mineral and safety gases rules 2010 of above mentioned any private company ,or govt institution can contact at the following
Sajjad Ahmad Malik
136-ali town raiwind road lahore
cell no:0092-3214471486

Cng Business

Hi, I am in cng business in Pakistan for the last 8 years in all types of parts require for cng conversion like emulator and advancer of Tomosetto Lavato brands etc if u need any kind of help kindly contact me on 0092-3085246955/3334808808

CNG gas


i want to start a CNG business in a country where there is NO car using gas.

Fuel prices are so high and getting higher.

i want to know what is needed in terms of infrustracture to start the business even as a small scale to start with.


recommendation the product

we export all the tools for Gas 4 car . our company manufacturer of CNG and LPG systems.
Our product has very high quality. we Import from Italy + GASiTaly
For more information please contact me

CNG/LPG systems


Stefanelli Group is a company manufacturer of CNG and LPG systems.
Our product has very high quality and we may have a very good proposal for you.
For more information please contact us.

Best regards

Jose Miranda


Via Mola Saracena n. 10
00065 Fiano Romano

Tel.: 0039 0765.453001
Fax: 0039 0765.455907

Agent Offer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to work with you for Export/Import//Collaboration/Marketing in the following sector:

1. Export: Readymade Garments, Jute Good/Carpets, Leather Products, Handicrafts, Home Textile,
2. Import: Electronic and Electrical Items, Cosmetics, Consumer Goods, Machinery and Industrial Raw materials.
3. Collaboration: Buying House, Processing Plant, Production Unit
4. Marketing: We source for our customers worldwide.

I can assure you of my utmost endeavor towards your entire satisfaction. If interesting, please send queries to: immediately.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours' Faithfully,

Mohammed Ehtasham.

Trade Ark International

Address: 258/3 Uttar Goran, Sipahibagh, Khilgaon
Dhaka 1219
E-mail and IM IDs (1) Yahoo (2) Skype (3) Gmail all are: arnab2203

Phone: +88 02 721 9701
HP: +88 01552 362 858, +88 01720 517 805

InTrested In CNG Bussiness ( Malaysia )

I would like to invest in the business of CNG in Malaysia. I have an experience of CNG business in Pakistan, so how can i start in malaysia. What are the requirments or procedure.?


Engr.Sarfraz Khan

NGV business in malaysia

I have been doing marketing for two companies for the past one year in converting NGV gas kit for almost few hundred taxi n cars in two states. Need investors for other states.

requiment: Need to register a company join venture with Malaysian

For further details please mail or call me.

Handphone : +60162771624
Email :
Facebook : Sehkharan Bala

Start With NGV Installation For Cars

Dear sir,

Why not you tap the market for complete of NGV set installation for cars and the market is huge in Malaysia. Each complete installaion will cost about US$1,000 inclusive on tank. Petronas already developed 170 over NGV stations nationwide.

As for truck and lorries the NGV is still not available here.

If I can offer any further assistance lease do keep my information as below :
1) Name : Mr. Nooh Bin Manap
2) Mobile Number : +60162712669
3) email :

Insya'allah, I am happy to provide my utmost assistance to realise this.

Thank you and kind regards.


I am a salesman named Gellen from Chengdu Unite Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd(China), We are one of the largest CNG/LPG manufacturers in China, Most of our products have been approved by ECER110,Our products have exported to many countries, e.g. U.S.A, Iceland, Austrilia, India, Thaniland, Pakistan and so on.
As for price, that is very cheap,the taditional regulators can be sold at EXW USD 30.
For further requirement, Kindly land our webpage at
You can contact us directly by MSN ID( or skype id(gellen-van) if you feel free.
Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further requirement.
We look forward to hearing further from you
Have a good business
Best regards