Ideas on alternatives to Riba/Interest in Housing mortgages

Here are some ideas on alternatives to getting into Riba/Interest in home mortgage. These may not be practical in every case, but never the less offers some alternative to think about. 1. Renting: - in some countries the government may assist you in renting i.e. rent assistance or provide you with the initial bond or deposit. 2. Government housing: - this is a government scheme to help those wanting to live in a certain area but are unable to buy in that area or pay the high rents that area demands. The government provides and or offers the boarder/occupier a long lease, general more than 5 years. The benefits are the long lease and the reduced rent offered. In some cases the government also helps in reducing the rent and waving water expenses.


Investment Tutorials

Novice Tutorials

You can find a lot of good investment advice on the net, most of it is available for free.

Here, we summarize the sites most useful for the novice investor.

Tutorial Comments
Investment Basics Start with this eye opening basics tutorial, on the Motley Fool web site. It is one of the better sites that offer the novice with much needed advice. It is very good, and required reading
13 Steps to Investing Follow on with these 13 Steps, also from the Motley Fool.
EduStock Learn what the stock market is, and how it can work for you. Includes tutorials on how to pick good stocks, and a simulated stock trading game.
Yahoo Finance Contest This is an investment game that is real in every aspect, except for the money. You receive 100,000$ in fake money, then you try your wits by investing it. At the end of the investment, several winners are announced and and receive (real) prize money. It is a very good vehicle to introduce you to the market without risking anything.
ETrade Investment Game Another investment game that runs periodically.
Questions about Investment Before you start investing, ask yourself these questions.
Tips for Online Investing What You Need to Know About Trading In Fast-Moving Markets.
Investing 101 On the Smart Money web site, you can find the Smart Money University. Start with these set of courses.
Online Stock Trading - in Arabic If you know Arabic, and if you are more comfortable with it, then check this web site which sells an educational book that explains in a simplified way Stock Trading on the Internet in the American Stock Markets. The book also provides hints and tips for strategies on Electronic Investing.
Principles of Islamic Investing Dow Jones University has this online course taught by well known and respected scholars and experts in the Muslim Investment arena, namely, Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Dr. Mohamed Elgari, Sh. Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, and Rushdi Siddiqui. You can also view the course outline, and even take the Online Quiz. Cost is 59$ payable by credit card.


The Three Variables

There are 3 basic variables in the Compounding equation. The more you have of any one of them, the higher the end result will be.Time The longer you invest a certain capital amount, the higher the end result will be. Starting Capital Money can bring in more money. That is, if it is wisely invested. This is why the (wisest) rich keep getting richer. The larger the amount you start with, the higher the end result will be. If you do not have a large amount to start with, then you definitely can afford small savings on a monthly basis. Rate of Return


The Chess Board and the Grain

Long long ago in an ancient land, there lived a very wise man who happenedto be the Vizier at the court of a great Sultan.

Months and years passed by and the great Sultan died, and his young prince replaced him. Being young, the prince lacked experience. He started spendingmore than what his father used to. The wise Vizier decided to teach the brashprince a lesson!

The prince set a contest and as a reward, decided to give the winner whateverhe wishes, boasting of his wealth, being under the illusion that his wealth isvirtually endless. The Vizier won, and asked the prince for the prize: a singlegrain of wheat and a chess board!

"What?! Just a grain of wheat! Are you insulting my wealth?" yelled the prince.


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