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Electric Motor Scrap, Ac & refrigerator Scrap From South Korea

We are South Korean based company dealing in electric motors scrap,Ac/refrigerator Scrap.We are trade investment company and our major Clients are from Qatar,Uae,Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.We also deal in EGI/GI/CRC/Stainless Steel Coils/color sheets in Secondary Grades,HMS Scrap,Ms Plates,Computer Cards, Polyester Fabrics for school bag,curtain and camping etc.


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The project was developed under the Agro specific region Chernigov region, Ukraine, and is regarded as a regional investment projects in the area. This will create over 100 jobs.
This project has the support of district administration (letter attached).

to help your money get into China for investment and making profit in our projects!

Wellfortune Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. is a professional investment banking organization, Mr. Meng, who helms the company, has owned 3 years’ experience of bank's credit, of which three years as the president of the bank; Mr. Meng engaged in financial investment and corporate senior management for 10 years, hence he has rich financial investment experience with many successful cases.

look for fund to buy a 5-star hotel in Guangdong, China

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We now want to acquire a 5-starred hotel in Guangdong province, China, the total investment is about 30,000,000 US$, financing mode can be loan against project colleteral, property mortgage, or direct investment, some simple data quoted as follow:

the project ROI (return on investment) is 15.74%, profit and tax investment ratio is 18.44%

100 megawatt project commin up in india geniunin investors welcome with all the clear papers

looking for some one to develop ur power project or u have surplus funds and dnt know the right project to invest into than this is the finale halt for ur search.
we are power trading and development company right from the land search till the power generation, revenue generation, carbon credits, maintainance for 25 yrs and we work in 90:10 ratio.
for more details contact

Working for a Bank

I have been working for an Islamic Bank in my Country Kenya for 4 years. i in the past 2 months moved to another Bank that is convential but has recently started an Islamic Section with some of the Branches being fully sharia Branches i am the Branch Manager for one of the Sharia Branches and still have a section of convential accounts and lending within the Branch. my intentions to earn a halal living and have a very positive mind to transform the Branch to be fully sharia in the near future.