Islamic Investment, Banking, Finance, and Insurance

This web site aims to provide Muslims world wide with useful and practical information about investment, banking, finance, and insurance consistent with their values and beliefs.Visitors to this site will be able to:

  • Get basic information on what banking, investment and insurance options are available.
  • Understand what the basic finance and investment terminology in today's marketplace.
  • Be able to identify what financial services and investments are allowed or prohibited under Islamic principles.


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What's New?

List of additions to the web site over the years, at a glance. This covers older posts. To see the latest additions, please use the recent posts links.7 December 2003 - Financial Times has an article on a study by the International Institute of Economics that Islam is not a barrier to economic development. This refutes a widely held belief in the West that Islam is the main reason behind the backwardness in Muslim majority third world countries.


Who is it for?

This site if for:Muslims All Muslims, regardless of sect, are welcome to this site. Our intended audience are the vast majority of practicing Muslims who look for Islamically Correct® ways of investment. Non practicing Muslim, although not directly addressed by site, may still find it useful from a practical investment point of view. We do not address the tiny minority and fringe groups who may have a tendency of describing everything as forbidden.Non-Muslims Non Muslims are also encouraged to visit this site and browse its content, thus gaining insight in the way Muslims conduct business in general, and perhaps offer products and services that can meet Muslims needs whether in as a minority community in a Western country, or whole countries inhabited by a Muslim majority.


Why this site?

The motivation behind this site is to give advice to Muslims that wouldhelp them earn money in a way which is Islamically Correct®.By sharing information with each other, we Muslims can help each othermake mo


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