Bloomberg TV Special Report: What is Islamic Finance?

Bloomberg L.P. today announced that this weekend's edition of the BLOOMBERG TELEVISION(R) program Middle East Money Focus will be a special report on Islamic finance.

"Islamic finance is taking off," according to Bloomberg's Dareen Abughaida, host of Middle East Money Focus. "With the world's Muslim population at more than a billion, financial institutions are taking note, and taking action."


Bahrain-based Waqf Fund expands its activities to develop Islamic finance training

A Bahrain-based special fund to support Islamic finance education and training is expanding and accelerating its activities to prepare professionals for the fast-growing Islamic financial services industry.

The Waqf Fund, established in 2006 with an initial seed capital of US$4.6 million by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) in partnership with several Islamic financial institutions (IFIs), plans to undertake a broad range of activities, all aimed at furthering Islamic finance training and education.


French Business School Adds Islamic Finance to the Curriculum

In anticipation of a move into the Persian Gulf, a leading French business school is introducing Islamic finance into its curriculum.

In doing so, the Lille Graduate School of Management, or ESC Lille, joins a growing number of business schools exploring ways to integrate Islamic financial principles into their programs.


Course: Islamic Sukuk & Capital Markets - Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A 3 day intensive financial training course featuring:

  • Sukuk Market & Islamic Securitisation
  • Islamic Finance as applied in the capital markets
  • Islamic investing – Musharaka v. Mudaraba
  • Legal, Tax and Infrastructure concerns for the Islamic Capital Markets
  • Sukuk Models – Musharaka, Mudaraba, and Wakala
  • Taking Sukuk to the market & Rating Sukuk
  • Issuance Cycle
  • Islamic Hedging – latest developments


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Course: Islamic Finance - Principles, Products, Strategic Challenges & Financial Innovations


Why Attend?
Assets of Islamic financial institutions now approach US$400 billion. Islamic financial products are now sold in more than 75 countries. It is predicted that the Islamic market will continue growing at annual rates averaging 15% in the next decade.

The Islamic market has become extremely sophisticated as well as increasingly competitive. Today, virtually all large Western financial institutions are involved in Islamic finance whether through Islamic subsidiaries, "Islamic windows" or the marketing of Islamic products.

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Course: Islamic Finance & Banking

London, UK


Islamic finance has grown tremendously in recent years. Since 1982, Islamic Institutions have witnessed a 40-fold increase in total assets, which currently top US $260 billion. Today, Islamic financial Institutions operate in more than 75 countries and it is estimated that the Islamic market will continue to grow at annual rates averaging 15%, with total assets exceeding US $1,000 billion by 2016.

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Course: Islamic Capital Markets

London, UK

A new and rising trend in Capital Markets today is the rapid growth of Islamic securities. This three-day Euromoney Legal Training course will provide an in-depth understanding of Islamic capital markets and the workings of Islamic securities. It will look at how the Islamic market continues to develop and open up new structures. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of Islamic finance, as well as the procedure of Islamic issues: why they are introduced, who issues them, how this is done and what the market demand for them is.

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UAE has accredited degree in Islamic Banking

The UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved the Associate of Science Degree in Islamic Banking Program to be offered by Al Khawarizmi International College [KIC] beginning Sept 2007.

On the occasion Mr. Naeem Radi, CEO – KIC expressed his utmost respect and gratitude to the Commission for Academic Accreditation at the Ministry. Mr. Radi said, 'the accreditation from CAA ensures genuine recognition and quality educational standards for the programs offered by educational institutions in the UAE.'


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