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Your ad on this site will reach an audience of Muslims worldwide interested in investment, banking, finance and insurance.Google AdsenseThe easiest way to advertise on this site is to use Google Adwords and specify as the site to advertise on. Google automatically displays targeted Adsense ads on this site.Custom AdsWe also offer custom text and graphics banner ads on our web site for qualified advertisers.Reciprocal AdsIf your site qualifies, we can run banner ads on a reciprocal basis.EventsPosting of events such as conferences, seminars and courses on Islamic investment, banking, finance and insurance also incur a nominal fee. GeneralWe will only consider advertisements if it meets the following criteria:

  • Relevant Your business product or services must be related to Islamic investment, Islamic banking, Islamic finance, or Islamic insurance that are of interest to Muslims.
  • Islamically Correct® This means that it does not involve prohibited business that is against Islamic beliefs and principles. Check the Prohibited Business section of our site for details on this matter.
  • Legal and Legitimate We will not consider shady businesses propositions, scams, or similar businesses.

Please contact us for rates and details.