Instructions for submitting news

If you like to post any news that would be of interest to fellow Muslims about Islamic Investment, Finance, Banking or Insurance, then please follow the instruction below. This can be from any reputable source, whether it is coverage in Western media, or from Muslim countries.


Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting your article.

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Instructions for submitting an upcoming event

If you know of an upcoming event that would be of interest to Muslim Investors worldwide, then we will be happy to announce it on this web site. Such events include conferences, seminars, workshops, courses or lectures on Islamic Investement, Finance, Banking and Insurance.

To announce your event, please follow the instructions below.


For community or non-profit organizations, advertising your event is free.


FAQ: I forgot my password. Can you help me get a new one?

Q: I forget  my password to this site. Can you help me get a new one?A: You can do so yourself by visiting the request new password page, provided you know your user name, or the email address you signed up from. A new site generated password will be emailed to you. You can change that after you log in.


New Feature: Private Messaging

In order to improve the services of this web site, we have added a new feature where registered users can  contact each other privately without the  need for either party to know the other party's email address.This is partially to address recent complaints from our members about being  contacted by scammers on fraudulent offers. Check our scamming FAQ for more details.


FAQ: My Venture Capital Listing Has Scammers Contacting Me

Q: I have listed my project/business in the Venture Capital section, and so far, scammers have been contacting me.A: This is a fact of life on the internet. The anonymity provided by the internet emboldens criminals, specially when they attempt their crime from overseas. Beware of  The Advanced Fee Fraud that takes many forms.


FAQ: I want to announce an event/conference/seminar on investing/finance/insurance

Q: I want to announce an event/conference/seminar on investing/finance/insurance. A: You can announce your event here. The event must be relevant to the audience of our site, namely anything to do with Muslim banking, finance, investment and insurance.


Writers / Authors Welcome!

If you feel that you have written (or can write) articles that would be of benefit to Muslims interested in investment, banking, finance or insurance, then please go ahead and share the information for other to read, and benefit from your experience.

The process is fast and simple. Here are the instructions:


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Your ad on this site will reach an audience of Muslims worldwide interested in investment, banking, finance and insurance.Google AdsenseThe easiest way to advertise on this site is to use Google Adwords and specify http://muslim-investor.com as the site to advertise on.


FAQ: Who is behind this site?

Q: Who is behind this site?A: We believe that the "who" is not as important as the "what". In other words, the content of the site is what matters, and not the person(s) who put this content in it. We urge you to judge the content of this web site on its own merit, rather than getting hung up on who is behind it. We also urge you to not take anything that is on this web site for granted, and do your own research and reach your own conclusions.


FAQ: What are you trying to sell on this site?

Q: What are you trying to sell on this site? A: At the moment, absolutely nothing!This site is meant to allow Muslims to share advice on investing in an Islamically Correct® way. We have some targeted advertising displayed on the site to help with the cost of hosting, disk space and bandwidth of this web site. We get paid a few cents when someone clicks on an advertisement that they find interesting.


FAQ: I have a good business plan and need partners/capital

Q: I have a really good business plan, and need partners/capital. Can you help?A: Again, we do not provide any financial assistance, direct or indirect investment, or business loans. We regret that all such requests will go unanswered. However, if you have a business plan, we can publish your request for others who visit the web site, and are willing to invest in your business. Please follow the Venture Capital Instructions carefully, and interested investors would contact you directly.


FAQ: I need a loan/charity money

Q: I need loan/charity money for my studies/business/poor parents/...etc. Can you help?A: Please do not e-mail us such requests. We are an information only web site. We cannot, and do not provide any financial assistance, scholarship grants, business loans, charity donations, business investment, venture capital of any kind. We are not licensed to do so, nor have the means to do so. We regret that all such requests will go unanswered.


Privacy policy

Following is the privacy policy of this web site:

  • The personal information you enter (name, address, ...etc.) can be visible to search engines such as Google. If you do not this to happen, then either don't sign up for an account, or dont enter identifying information (e.g. last name as a single letter, address as 'none', ...etc.)
  • We will never give your email address to any other organization or web site. This can lead to annoying SPAM and spyware and viruses.
  • We may use statistical data, in aggregate form - not on the individual level, for various purposes, including sharing it with other organizations.


Terms and Conditions

By using this site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:Site topics refer to banking, investment, finance or insurance, in an Islamic context. The information provided on this site is given in the hope that it is useful. There is no guarantee that all the information is accurate or timely. In other words: caveat emptor. There is no guarantee that all participants abide by Islamic rules or local laws. Some participants may make claims that are not entirely ethical nor legal. 



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