Wellfortune Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. is a professional investment banking organization, Mr. Meng, who helms the company, has owned 3 years’ experience of bank's credit, of which three years as the president of the bank; Mr. Meng engaged in financial investment and corporate senior management for 10 years, hence he has rich financial investment experience with many successful cases. Having professional investment management team and a good relationship with the government, we successfully sought low-risk investment channels and obtained high return on investments for all our customers by collecting the idle capital from home and abroad. We can provide the investors’ capital (HOT Money) around the world a secure, professional, efficient and accurate channel to get into China, meanwhile assuring them the best investment projects with the highest return.
We now need fund for our projects of MINERAL plant, HOTEL, and ENERGY industry: WATER PLANT and municipal construction project. We provide very attractive ROI or mortgage loan rate. Should any individual or institute who has interest is welcome to contact us for further negotiation and ask for the detailed files or information of the project!

Contact: Mr. Meng
Tel :0086 -769-22017320
Mobile: +86-13538551698
E-mail: mengfj168@hotmail.com skype:mengfj168
No.806, Hillview Building, Dongcheng Road, Dongguan, PRC


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