We are a Forex Trading Company, with an impeccable track record in our managed account section. i have 8 years experience in the field, and earns his customers an average of 15% and 40% profit PER MONTH consistently, month after month.*

1 ) Risk Manage Account

minimum account size : $5000
per month return : 15% to 40%+
risk factor : 25%
manage fee : 25%

YOU keep full control of your money and decide upfront how much risk you’re willing to take, but with conservative trading, we are achieves a consistent average of 15% – 40% profit per month (This equals an unprecedented profit of more than one hundred percent per annum).

You can never lose more than what you are willing to risk.

When you make a profit, you can use the profit to trade your own money – in this way, your initial capital will never be depleted, and you learn the secrets of trading Forex successfully from a master.

This is unheard of in the financial and/or trading world, so do not hesitate. Contact us immediately before word gets out and our capacity is filled!

Kind regards,

Zafar Rizwan
Zay's Capitals
Forex Risk Manager

Cell Tel.: +92-332-3599048
Email: fashion125@yahoo.com