Sorry, this opportunity is no longer available. Thanks for everyone who gave it consideration.


Tue, 2007/12/04 - 07:50

Dear Sir, pls always confirm all your posting before posting it directly to the web. About one Oleg, that posted "Collateralized short-term loan request". Astagfrullai, am not comfortable with the transaction. beware.

Sun, 2010/03/28 - 18:34

Thi is a form of gambling and you are over exposed. Try to sell down your position and quit. Thats the best advice I could give you. The defence of Islam is no criteria to get involved in speculative ventues such as futures trading where you do not possess the underlying physical asset.


Sat, 2010/05/22 - 02:40

My name ariy from Indonesia, and madani the name of my company. I now have and operates 6 stores with new concepts for the retail business in Indonesia, and our target to open 20 stores in 2010. average turnover of $ 440/day/store and a total of $ 13.000/month/store. in 2011 we needed funds for development of 200 stores,required capital investment for the store is $ 55,000/store and I already have a business plan for the year 2011.
if you want to know more about my company, and also the retail business opportunities in Indonesia please contact me at email

Best regard


I am looking for an Investor to establish a Diving Resort on the island of Bali in Indonesia. If there is interest please, contact us - we will be happy to


i wayan