Dear Muslim brother and sisters,
Assalamuwalikum.... Im a full time working guy who is in trouble or debt for his own Gunah or Mistake. But I have understand that I have done wrong, and I ask Allah to forgive me and help me.
I need only £2000 to clear my loan shark debt. To some one 2 grand May be nothing. Or if only 10 brother and sisters help me £200 each I can pay off loan shark debt and live as a normal life.
If you guys help me Allah (SWT) will help you and bless you InshaAllah. Please. If you don't just want to give me, then you give me as loan and I can pay you back 100/150 per month.
Thank you.
Inbox me if you want my mobile no or email or if you wanna see me face to face for more information.
London, uk.