Investment need for halal hotel

Assalamu alaikum,
we already have a hotel which operates very good and has great revenues, but i have problems because of very bad credit loan of 3 milion euro and interest rate 11%, and the value of hotel is 10 milion euro. And at the time I am selling alcohol but if I stop doing so maybe I will not be able to repay loan and may lose everything. I am willing to change that and make better hotel strategy in accordance to islam. The hotel is beautiful and has many tourists and is recognisable between tourists. But to lose my problems we need some help.

So if somebody is interested to help me, in the name of Allah, and invest in the hotel or to buy shares or give us a loan (any option according to islam is welcome), so i could change hotel strategy and stop sell alcohol and stop pay interest to become a better muslim and brother in the name of Allah, please contact me.