dear sir,

Im azizur rahman from bangladesh, i graduate from oklahoma,usa in 1994. after finish my study i moved back to my country bangladesh and involced with familly business. now i got a land in Bandarban hill tarck, in bangladesh which is most scenic beautifull in bangladesh. there is big opportunity is tourism . im planning to build a Resort. for that i need fund , if u can arrange fund as loan or joint venture pls, let me know then i will provide further information if want to know.

Azizur Rahman
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Tue, 2010/08/17 - 02:26

assalamuaalaikum! pls get back to me on 88-01710-962792, asap for front2front discussion to arrange fund for ur present project. regards, hafiz, estate agent

Tue, 2010/08/17 - 03:17

Please send me full information.
Thank you

Wed, 2010/12/22 - 23:11

Thanks, I am intersted in your idea and I would be glad to establish a resort in joint venture. Please email me detailed plans at Mr Azizur, please don't mind, did u write the post yourself? This type of english is not expected from a USA graduate. Apology for my comment, but I was bit suspicious about your educational qualification after reading your post. Sorry again.