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My name is shehzad and i am looking for an invester for my online website .If any one is intrested in investing online please email me on nirgal101@hotmail.com

Investment required :25k to 30k O.R

will be returned in maximum 2 years
i offer a 30% profit share after the total amount is returned.


Class Rural Tourism: The Chengdu,China is "Capital of Leisure",It’s China's rural home, ecological sightseeing, leisure vacation etc. Various kinds of characteristic agriculture tourism and rural tourism booming development. China merchants mainly as follows:
Village resort construction;
Reservoir scenic spots development;
Characteristics of leisure;
For joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.

Executive Summary (One of the High Quality Project)
This project belongs to a private investment third industry, it not only conforms to China's industrial policy but also the local government and the encouragement and support.So that It not only has good social benefits and also with considerable economic benefit.This project is the outstanding characteristic of the following two parts by organic composition:

1.Feature Restaurants

Site is located in Chengdu city near the Nordic Knowledge Town.Here the geographical position is superior avoid metropolis densely populated and noise. It is the good place leisure and catering.Not only that, the characteristic restaurants all raw all by yourself raw materials production base, establish supply never in mass farmers markets or general supermarkets purchasing any food raw material.So that diet not only delicious and the more important is safe, nutrition and health.The greatest degree of satisfaction of high-grade times the pursuit and the crowd enjoyment.

2.Self Establish Raw Materials Production Base

The base position selection in about 160 km away from Chengdu the remote mountainous areas,because of there is no any industrial pollution,fresh air and for planting vegetables,these vegetable planting process never use any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.Also raising chickens, ducks, pig, ox, sheep and fish also absolutely does not use any artificial additives and biological hormone.Because of the base of all raw materials by production all outward features restaurants self-used never wholesale or retail to outward.

3.Investment SUM and Economic Benefits

The project is expected to investment quota and enterprise economic benefits preliminary forecast as follows:
Total investment:$ 5,600,000.00;
Restaurants Infrastructure Construction :$2,200,000;
Food Raw Material Base Infrastructure Construction: $ 1,300,000;
Project design cost: $600,000;
Working fund:$1,600,000.00;
Expected return on investment:12% to 15%;
Approaches to cooperation:Partnership;
Expected construction period:2.5 years.

Contact Us
Project planning site: Chengdu Sichuan province China;
Start unit and contact:Mr.Liu hao,Chengdu Techmarkt R&D Co.,Ltd;
Contact addresses:6# Xinjun road Xindu district Chengdu Sichuan province China;
Postal code:610500;
Tel/fax:+86 028 83017164;
Mobile phone:+86 13518209027, +86 15102876257;
E-mail:aw_cgs@163.com liuawcg@163.com.