I would like to have a real investor or funding to start and run a business of luxury Cybercafe in Indonesia.i would like to give 70% profit sharing to investor as repayment. To those who like to invest kindly mail to me or message me in private, i will show u my proposal.
Thank you.


If you're going to find a global investment market, make your money can obtain long-term and stable profit margins, the market where? You should see it in Asia.So-called world economy in Asia,Asian economy in China. The Investment market, at least in the next twenty years is such.
So, if you are willing to more specific more in-depth understanding of China's consumer market, investment market. Can you give me an email, aw.cgs@hotmail.com, tell me your desire and interest huan industries or specific investment project. You might say to me, and I have a lot of money and I cooperation,Unfortunately, because I don't have much money to become a partner? But I am still happy with you establish the cooperation relations friends or partners for your job, and your comprador,as your business representative.,best for you responsible.
But for the following industries. You might have some interest in commercial real estate, such as: Environmental renovation project, Commercial retail, Road traffic, Tourist project etc. Of course more industries and very specific projects in waiting for you to choose.