Jakarta on february 12,2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

Name personal : Charles Ramond Sudewo
My Company : KOBAR SALVAGE Contractor & Supply
MANPOWER / Outsourche Crewing
Effort : Iron Scraft and work Underwater
(Salvage)Piping,H_Beam,WF,Canal Iron,
BuildBridge make the structure Contruction
Office : North Jakarta Tanjung Priok (Head Office)
Branch Office West Java Merak

Good days all Big Investor,in the good time we'll be bargainning with you
to Joint Partner in Bussines Iron scraft in Indonesia,which my Project in Iron scraft to be start on December 2009.
That's Trully We needely Investor or Partner Bussines in my Industri Billet,we have Pabric to make it(Iron H-Beam,Wf,Canal,Beton etc) Furthermore we can seriously for joint it (have Fully procedure,Responbility,Future)
First you can survey my office to be appoitment,survey pabric,survey scraft iron,and then we deal about my bussines.we are not talking about only the Money money but you see this is real we want to joint with you a Big Investor for future you and me and Us family.
ABOUT trading In Lokal Returning all Asian.Returning money is every day we have Profit,daily report,the project by OPEX and Mitigan system.
My company now have Purchase Order (PO) for supply Iron scraft 10.000 Ton until 50.000 tonase / Years.
Other wise we supply my man power/crew skill or Unskill for onshore-offshore make Rig,salvage,contruction etc.
we are have Main clien from australia Mc Connell Dowel

Honestly,we needed fresh loan from(Investor) for OPERATIONAL PROJECT
If you read these Program Bussines and my Project don't forget It. your choice is true.
Please dial me :

TO : Mr.Charles R sudewo
KOBAR Office center: +6221 4393 05 16
MobilePhone : +62857 150 30058 or +628777 0500 607

thanks for your attention

Your Kindnessly,

Charles Ramond sudewo
Head Dept.Investment Programe koba


My name is Abdullah Rahman.

I am an entrepreneur residing in London. I want to invest in a good lucrative business in Europe or any Asian country. All proposal should be sent directly to: abdullarahman86@googlemail.com or call +447024029848.

Expecting your proposal from a trusted persons.

Abdullah Rahman.

Sun, 2010/02/14 - 23:23

Dear Mr.Dr Abdullah Rahman

Nice to meet you in Muslim Investor Mail.
Here we are as soon as possible to prepare for send to your email about my Proposal and my Company Profile.
Furthermore,I'll we contact you Immediatly.

Thanks for your Oppurtunity in this time.

Best Regards,

Charles R Sudewo
Head of Dept.Invesment KOBAR SALVAGE

Sat, 2010/03/06 - 01:41

hello charles, mr rahman replied to your ad here ... me too, but send two times phone number that do not exists and i am afraid that he is a lier, what is your opinion? anne

I am looking an "ANGLE INVESTOR " for my plan to make cyber café and hosting bussiness in Bandung, Indonesia. I could give for the angle investor 30% profit in every month.
You don't have to worry have business with me. Cause I am a government researcher and a trusted one. Check for the details at: http://sivitas.lipi.go.id/puji007/. I just need US $ 25.000 to build the bussiness. For futher information,please send e-mail to syaraf_buatan at yahoo.co.id. This is a good opportunity for you and for me. You help me and I help you in the business. Thanks.

Tue, 2011/02/08 - 05:13

hello my name is alberto roga from portugal i'm verry interesd in your plan.
pls sent me email alberto1900@hotmail.fr

My name is Dr Abdullah Rahman.

I am an entreprenuer and I want to invest in a lucrative businesses in Europe or any Asia country. Interested individuals should send their proposals to: abdullarahman86@googlemail.com or should call me on +447024029848.

Expecting your proposal.

Dr. Abdullah Rahman.

Eco –Dishes
This is a very interesting as well as this is such a project in which you give to your environment and human’s are benefited a lot from this project as we all know that as the days are passing by the human beings are becoming more and more health conscious as a result the concept of health consciousness is prevailing in this world and it is emerging as a multi billion dollar business around the world all companies are focusing on these type of business are multi national companies are investing into it.
Now the mineral water is served in bottles and no one could have ever imagined that water could also be sold to human being which is free to get but health is such a thing that people are ready to spend any amount of sum for it as we all know that “health is wealth”.
But the real twist of our project lies here as we are doing something which is resulted to health consciousness but we are doing it with bare minimum cost to the customers.
The project is targeting all the hotels, restaurants ,college canteens and catering companies as we know that more than 10,00,000,00 people eat outside as well as in parties in delhi/Mumbai/kolkatta/chennai and whole over india . so we are going to provide them with healthy bacteria free dishes. We are thinking of opening a plant which will be providing dishes, plates, bowls and glasses to the hotels and they would be sanitized treated with UV rays and passed through heat process to kill the last bacteria as well as as soon as it is passed through all the process we will be packing these dishes in eco friendly plastic wrappers and would be supplying it to the hotels and vendors as well as the catering firms.

This is just an over view of the project the planning behind the scenes are yet to be discussed.
with regards

Mr.Saurav Sarangi
Plot No: N1 / 243, IRC Village,
Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar - 751023
Orissa (India)
Tel / Fax No : 0674- 2554871 / 2551873