Assalamualeykum wa rahmatULLAhi wa barakatuhu,
my name is Mederbek I am 24 years old enterpreneur from Kyrgyzstan, small Central asian republic with muslim society but non islamic -country,

I know a lot of practising muslims here in Kyrgyzstan and in ex-USSR countries who want to start their own business, in islamic correctly ways, but they have no choise to find loans or venture capitals because in our countries we have no any sahri'a based financial institutes, and should turn to standard banks and other riba -based financial organizations,..

Insha ALLAH I want to setup small project -small financing company- for helping to the brothers and looking for individuals or organizations from islamic countries who will help me to setup this project,

please if you interested in this project send me private message

Thanks for your attention Jazzakum Allahu Hayrun
wassalamualeykum wa rahmatULLahi wa barakatuhu


Mon, 2008/04/14 - 05:06

Please jot down your e mail address we might be helpful to eachother

Wed, 2010/12/22 - 23:24

I am interested, please tell me details.