Asalamu Alaykum dear brothers,

As many know when living in a western country where there is no islamic banking getting a loan for anything is impossible without being forced into RIBA.
Which is why i ended up on this website (may Allah bless those who started this website).

So i'm currently planning to start a business (to be exact a halal business where only halal meat and no alcohol will be sold with Allah's will!)
The idea is a restaurant where there is a sort of assembly line/conveyor that is going through the whole restaurant with the foods on top of it where ppl can pick it and cook it on their own table. It will be all you can eat type like restaurant.
But in order to start i need money of course, the amount is around 30.000 euro which is a lot (in my opinion :) )
The money wil be used for the infrastructure of the restaurant as well for equipments and the paperwork money (such as legalisation of the company). Myself i have around 10000 euro but obviously that is not enough. with your help this can be accomplished!
By putting a payment plan when everything is started off i can start paying you back. This can be done with a legal contract made by a lawyer of your choice so this way u have everything under your controle.

Now, if u want to invest in the company this can be done without any problem! i'm always open for investors who are willing to jump ship with me!
This can further be discussed through phone or Skype.

If Allah wills i will reach my goal, if Allah wills i will open my business, if Allah wills everything is possible!

For more information please contact me via my email :

My Allah bless you all! Help or not u are all my brothers!

Asalamu alaykum