Ramsy Routing Venture is an outsourcing firm majoring in the importation of food items-agricultural based products to be precise. Over the years there has been a wide gap between demand and supply chain from the international market to our continent and country. In an attempt to close this gap we have decided to take up the responsibility of bringing prospective sellers to prospective end buyers.

No doubt about this, abundance abounds in some areas which in turn impacts negatively in another thus creating shortage which if not checked could trigger dietary hazards.Moreso, the menace of fraudsters globally has not in anyway helped matters in deciphering genuine businesses from fraudsters coupling with the financial melt down which has crippled some of the financial institutions-both banks and non-banks financial institutions.

However, these are my propositions:-

1) We intend to restore sanity in international product procurements, hence truth is our hallmark and we would like our dealings tailored in this wise

2) We would like to partner with your firm in agricultural produce supply with constant, quality and quantity product in line with international standards

3) If possible a franchise with a brand name-we have a brand registered wit NAFDAC already which is 3 diamonds

4) We have mapped the market outlay of Nigeria and the neighboring countries, the ruling prices and the bottomline.Spreading your tentacles beyond the shores of your country wont a bad idea and I believe our synergy will give us a leverage both in the short and long run.

We should be able to quantify to you in figures the benefit of these if further talks ensue.

We look forward to a favorable business relationship with you as we hope to hear from you soonest