I am proposing a joint venture for the expansion of a Pure Clean Sachet Water Production and haulage in Ghana
Rakadri Ghana Limited requires an investor with US$403.000.00 to finance the acquisition of the plant vehicles, Production Equipments, and if possible acquire additional distribution vans

The operations and expansion plan of Rakadri Ghana Limited are financially and economically viable. The company is expected to see expansion of market and services, and with them, more investment and most likely, more revenue. The above would also mean more employment opportunities for Ghanaians, more efficiency for the clients of the company and more taxes and levies for government’s coffers.

Considering the viability and socio-economic benefits of the operations of Rakadri Ghana Limited, it is recommended that the promoters be given the necessary support to propel the company towards achieving set goals and to improving consistently.

I will forward to you an executive summary
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Ahmed Rayan Kadiri
Director General
Rakadri Ghana limited
Tel:+233 3720 94983
Mobile :+233 243 646155
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