Project Introduction
Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) widely used, the cost low, the cost-effectiveness than good, no casualties risk, survival ability, motor performance is good, easy to use, in the modern war plays an important role, because it unmanned, can be sent to the dangerous environment, can be used in the mission complete battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, positioning the shot, damage assessment, electronic warfare, etc., are becoming more and more the favour of the military power. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is the drone as artillery, missile target. In the civil field more broad prospects for development, such as: nuclear radiation detection, aerial photography, surveying and mapping, mineral resources exploration, disaster monitoring, traffic patrol, power patrol, security monitoring, emergency relief, national defense security, land and resources exploration, town planning, seismic survey, environmental monitoring, forest fire, crop yield estimation, reserve wildlife monitoring, air sampling, maritime reconnaissance, border patrol, anti-drug reconnaissance, fire reconnaissance, ecological environment protection, Marine environment monitoring, land use investigation, water resources development, crop condition monitoring and yield estimation, agricultural operation, natural disaster monitoring and evaluation, urban planning and municipal administration, forest diseases and insect pests protection and monitoring, digital city, etc.
Market competition
1、 now unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry has just had "germination period", are trying to "grow". Domestic do unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is only dozens of companies, has a good development prospect.
2、orestry bureau, the film and television play company, etc.
3、 to develop market potential is huge.
Products & services
Production (integrated) uav (unmanned aircraft) product sales and application
1, used in aerial, the state bureau of surveying and mapping, imaging map, the national disaster reduction committee, maritime supervision, nuclear radiation survey, etc.
2, sold, the domestic 3-6 times, export profit ten times more than profit space.
Management team
Technical team 5 people, market sales application five people, there are ten people team can start.
Aircraft mechanic, ground, ground station, flight control hand, the production, software development, sales manager
Fund demand
$30 to $12 to 16 million dollars;
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