Salaam alaykoum,

My name is Abdelwahid Habibullah ADAM BANU HASHIM, I currently live in Belgium and I have a project for the UAE incha Allah. I am looking for someone who is ready to help a brother according to the teachings of the noble Prophet Mohammad (saw).
I have a project which needs an investment of about 30.000 Euros. It is a project for the UAE. The revenue can be really huge according to this simple project incha Allah.
Investment contract for 5 years and the share method will be of 25% which can be around to 80.000 Euros per year.
I have seen people ready to invest for millions of US dollars and this is not the amount that I need. Indeed, I truly believe my project to be strong, it is based on food service.
If anyone (brothers/sisters) is willing to help me out incha Allah and wants to have more details, please contact me at this following number 0032 472 866 254. or to my email address: