My name is Anibal de Oliveira, and i need to get 1 million to start my business.
I want to start a bowling center in the Azores (Portugal), and i already made the business plan for the investment.
For this amount, the expected R.O.I is 4 years, and if you wish, i can send you fully details of the project.
I know that i'm asking for a lot of money, and also that there are a lot of scams, but i can asure you that i'm a very honest and serious person.
In order to prove, and also to keep scamers away from me, my proposal represents very low risk for the interested investors-
My proposal is this, if you're interested, you tell me your location only (your city), and i will check with the banks here on my city, which banks are represented there, then you open a bank account in yoour name, at the same bank, but in your city, then i check with the bank to make a loan with them, and they keep your deposit as a garantee. In this case, i will never have any kind of access to your money, and at the same time you receive interests for your deposit.
Your money will only be at risk if i can't pay the bank loan, but if that happens, they will first sell the business, that they will be kept as ensurance for them, then my property (house; car; all my live) and only then they will ask for your money for the remaining value.
What i have to ofer is, after i pay the bank loan, i can give you 50% of the profits for 5 years.
I believe that this is the best way, and also the most secure for all the involved parts.
also, as you know, the banks won't give any money, unless i really make the investment, and because of that they will be fiscalizing my project, and at the same time, working for you in this way.
In case you have any doubt, please, don't hesitate in contacting me.
My personal email is oliveira-1977@live.com.pt

Best regards

Anibal de Oliveira