We are looking for an entrepreneurial Partner or Investor who will look seriously at establishing in cooperation a "Cattleman's Club" as a means to insure livestock and underwrite cattle ranching and dairy farming operations.

This 'Mutual Indemnity Club' would be managed in the way of Islam.

Presently there are no viable means by which a Dairy Farmer, Breeder or Grower can adequately and or competitively insure and protect his stock or investment. We see the 'Cattleman's Club' as the perfect and a well proven solution.

The problem: Few Islamic Financial Institutions see this as a profit center let alone a real necessity; to protect and develop investment in the industry as a whole.

This is a long term commitment and although the 'Cattleman's Club' will be incorporated as a Public Limited Company it is estimated that it will take at least four years before it will be ready to seek public listing.

For further information email: cattlemans.conference@halal-union.com