I have searched on google and found there to be a couple individuals using the exact same word choice. I searched with the following in quotations

"Regards to your advert about possible investment, I wish to bring to your notice my interest to partner with you in this great business opportunity.

kindly get back to me with your business plan and financial projection in anticipation of profitable business relationship with you."

How is one to verify authenticity when so many people scam or attempt to scam daily?
I check as many links as possible, I do not believe scam attempts from gmail or hotmail. But yet I have found emails linked to the site World. com which have many other affiliate sites such as financier .com, lawyer .com. Gardener .com. Many sites just typed the URL of world .com to see a comprehensive list. You will notice many of the email addresses we receive come from these sites.

Anyone have more advice? I know many things but still need help as some recent emails for 3 individuals from Saudi an Dubai have sent interests in investments in my company


Sun, 2012/01/08 - 12:17


have you received any news regarding the issue you mentioned? Google search reaches to a previously deleted post of yours about a certain fajjer.com user. I also need an info about this.

thanks in advance.

Mon, 2013/05/27 - 22:59

Hi all, today May 27 2013 I receive a email same, with same word try invest in my companies.

That is truth or is a scam

Do you have advice?