Assalaamu Aleikum wa RahmatuLLahi wa Barakatu, dear muslim brothers and sisters from all over the world!
Unfortunately I also faced with swindlers, who call themselves REAL MUSLIMS.
Few months ago I posted an ad about needing an investment for arabic restaurant in Russia. I got so many spam messages, but they were already marked as spams, and I didn't pay attention to them. One day I saw in my inbox a message containing investment proposal. The message was from the Benin Republique, the man wrote me that he is muslim and wants to help muslims for Allah's sake. Of course, I believed him, because in every message he was praising Allah, our Prophet, there were so many hadiths and ayats from Holy Quran. I was so glad that I met such a person. He told me that he will send cargo with money, but I must pay some custom clearance fee $3500! I sent this money by western union to his friend. But after getting my money, he just disappeared. The money, I sent him, I borrowed from my friends. Now I must return it. I do not know what to do now. I'm very upset. Though I'm muslim, I do not believe and trust MUSLIMS!!! MOST OF THEM ARE LIERS!!!!!!!I do not understand why people call themselves muslims, if lying, cheating, scamming is their usual way of life! Most muslims do not understand such things are haram things, and doing them is BIG SIN! Instead of to help each other (we are brothers and sisters in faith), we are cheating each other!No doubt, why Americans labelled us Muslim as terrorist.
Now I do not see any way out! I do not know where to take these $3500 :-(((


Sat, 2011/12/03 - 23:16

Aslam alaikum, how do you know the swindlers is muslim or not.
He could register as muslim and post on muslim
Most of these scams come from african countries,are we going to judge that all blacks are thief and liars?

Tue, 2012/01/17 - 07:09

These men are swearing with name of Allah that everything is true! They are continueing to call me and asking me to send money for this money for that. They are from Benin rep and Nigeria. I'm not saying that all blacks are scammers. It's very bad that people are not afraid of God and lie saying His name, It's very sad.

Sat, 2012/04/07 - 16:44

Anything from Nigeria you shoud not deal with it, it's not nice for Nigerians that are looking for investment for real.This site is registered in saudia arabia, but originated from nigeria,

not good.