I see that there are a lot of people with dificults on checking if the proposals you get are serious or not.
I can help you with that, i'm doing business on the internet for long time now, and i'm alredy used to deal with that, i'm even registered in some payed "antiscams" databases.
If you need any assistance with an email, or even with a internet site, please contact me to my email stopscams@sapo.pt (i created this email specially for this).
I don't have time to check all the posts here on the forum and respond them all.

As for payment, the only thing that i request is that, you post their emails and my response on this forum, to let others now about them.

I can not tell you that i will know for sure that they are scams or not, but will do my best.

If you decide to acept my help or not, please never, but really really never tell them any personal information, or even send them any copy of your ID, untill you know for sure that you era dealling with a honest person.
Believe me, if they are honest, they will understand and wait, because they will also need to check you to, and if they are a scam, they will do their best for you to send them the documents as soon as possible.

Presenting my best regards


Sun, 2010/01/31 - 15:08

Sending them to an unknown person can open the door to other scams.

Instead, post the scams in the open, in this forum, rather than sending them by email to someone who cannot be verified.

Tue, 2010/02/02 - 09:59


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