Dear Forum members:

I want to thank the administrators of this site. I am new to this site, and I am here to add value and contribute my quota towards wealth creation and poverty alleviation in developing countries. I sincerely feel bad for those whose love for creativity, resourcefulness and search for funds have resulted in their being scammed. Its a terrible feeling.

I came upon this site while searching the internet because a new pharmaceutical District has being created in my State, in Nigeria. I am here to seek technical partners, equipment manufacturers, new associates, new therapeutic product owners/inventors, investors and share ideas.

I hold a PhD degree in Medical Sciences and many of you will agree with me that the practical business side of life is only acquired by interracting with people of like minds in discussion groups like this one.

While we discuss our ugly experiences, I would love the administrators of this site to also create a section where members can share their success stories. That is the only way we can know the true value of this site.

I thank you for your patience in reading through this.

Kind regards,