Salum wa allaikoum.


We, Bahia de Azua Ltd. are a real estate and construction company based in Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Republic.

We are seeking investors that are eager to invest in building a 500 room world Class hotel, casino, golf course, marina, commercial, 350 luxury homes.

We own a prime land located in southern cost of Santo Domingo (Azua prefecture) which is appraised $125,000,000 and is owned free and Clear 100%.

Currently we are seeking initial funding to construct phase I. For instance, we need to secure $125,000,000 financing for phase I. development, which includes:

o A world class international brand resort hotel,

o A professional world class golf course,

o A casino

o A spa.

Join venture, or partnership will be considered. Sale of prime beachfront parcel for world class Resort hotel is also available Interest venture capitalist can contact me for further information. Salum wa allaikoum.