we are a construction/developer from Ghana and owned by German/Swedish engineer.
For our new ongoing project in Ghana locking we for financing/loan or venture capital.
We build, develop a beach resort with own shoreline at a 10 ac beach property.The beach property is located in the Ghana/ Takoradi Area. The plan to build 20 beach bungalows with each 25-30m², restaurant, pool and boy quarter for personal. The resort get also a rental station for four wheeler, jet ski,boat !
Total Investment: 800,000.00 USD.
We bought already the beach property for 400,000.00 USD and have a 60 yr leasehold renewable! Building permit issued. We start already two weeks ago with prepare the building,cut palm trees,bushes..... !
Ghana has a very big opportunity, potential to be a oil booming country and also they have gold,diamonds reserves.
This is a very profitable business.
Any further Question please contact us via email: Uwe7979@hotmail.com!




Tue, 2010/06/29 - 23:10

email me at mark95055@yahoo.com let talk

Sat, 2010/11/13 - 00:14

I am interested in partnering with you in your business project.

Can I get a detailed business plan review?

With Thanks and assurances.

Mohd. Abdur Rahman,
Managing Director,
Bright Star Corporation Ltd.
E-mail: bstarbd@gmail.com, rmcasia@gmail.com,

Wed, 2010/12/15 - 16:46

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