Dear Sir,
we are an assotiation of lamb, chicken,mallards, cattle producers, and we want to start a halal abbatoir to export to muslim market. we have buyers in UK that want 40 Ton per week of halal lamb.
we want to make a partnership to build a halal abbatoir in Ortiguera, Brazil, this city is the largest producer of lamb and is located at 300km from the port of Paranagu√°.



Regards to your advert about possible investment. I wish to bring to your notice my interest to partnership with you in this great business opportunity.

Looking forward for a good working relationship with you. May the peace of Almighty Allah be with you and my regards to your family?


Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh.

Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh
Tel.: (971) 2 6964444
Fax: (971) 2 6417501

Mon, 2009/07/06 - 11:51

Dear Sir,
we look an investor for halal abbatoir in Brazil.
we wait your contact on e-mail

Best regards

Mon, 2009/07/06 - 12:48

Dear Mr. Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh
Please contact us from email
so we can give you better information about the business.
Best Regards

Wed, 2009/12/23 - 00:35

Dear Mr Ahmad Sayegh,


Can I communicate with you on your direct email ID?


Wed, 2009/07/22 - 02:34

Dear Sir,

Regards to your post above, Can you kindly provide us with Project Details and maybe we could work out something that can benefit both parties.

Pls kindly email me at:

Hope i can your kind reply in the matter.

Many thanks

Wed, 2009/07/22 - 02:53

Dear Sir,

With regards to your above post, Can you kindly provide me with Project Details, so that i can have a better understand.

Sincerely do hope and looking forward to doing business with you. In effort to gain benefits and gains for both of us.

Many thanks


Wed, 2010/02/24 - 18:30

I am in need of various cuts of Halal Beef to fill a 40' container every month! Is this project far enough along to support such a request?

I look forward to hearing your response.