Selamunaleykum all, i living in Turkey name of my city Antalya . My local city touristic and popular a city at europa. at here i have some place (land) orange garden and a old house , i have some plans for they but i dont have money. i need a financial partner  . my mail address:


Fri, 2009/06/12 - 16:32

I have an idea that will help customers come to a quicker decision when it comes to purchasing products in the grocery store. It is a simple idea I feel big chain stores would be interested in.
Thank you

Sat, 2009/07/04 - 03:49

Hello very one, I am doing my own business, Business is Trading of soap Material, But now My capital is short, Have any person interested,

Fri, 2010/01/01 - 15:25


I am in need of an investor for my new revolutionary ptc website. I only need a small investment of $2500, and can pay double back within 2 months. please email be back at, i can go more into detail if your interested.

Sun, 2010/01/31 - 06:53

I have an idea and experience to start business in DUBAI. So I need a investor.

Wed, 2010/02/10 - 05:08


Sun, 2010/07/18 - 14:28

Bison Finance House Limited is a multi-diversified investment company having its head office in U.K and a regional office in Pakistan. We invest not only in business association and ventures but people, societies, in structures and in lives. We are focused on the areas of Commercial real estate development and management, Construction (B), Oil and Gas, Energy, Mining, Health Care, Media Production, and many more with added expertise in equity and asset management; however, we seek to expand our portfolio to cover a multitude of industries both here and abroad.

Thu, 2010/10/21 - 12:03

Dear Sir,

I have find your id from search engine, we are importer, supplier of used LCD Monitor here in Karachi Pakistan, In Pakistan very good demand of used lcd monitor, Dell, HP, Copaq, Toshiba etc. You can invest in two way, in shap of LCD Monitor Container,s or in Accounts Support Below is brief introduction of our line of business, or if you need any type of surity i can provide. I can start this on 50% profit.

Please feel free to contact.

Muhammad Bilal Ahmed


Sales Manager,

Dear Sir,
The purpose of this communication is to introduce you with our company as one of the emerging service provider in Pakistan for arrangement of used LCD/ computer in bulk. We are in this business in last six years; we offer an affordable and reliable computer sale and services in Karachi . We believe that quality product and delivery on time is our motive. You can make a personal visit to your office or your display center, to check the quality. We provide unique, economical, feasible & high quality through highly motivated & excellent team of technical.

Our Team:

Professionally qualified , equipped with skill/expertise/technical know how on Computer hardware & accessories, having instinct & mindset to serve supplier & individual customers, well trained, enthusiastic & highly motivated team of people are associated with us who have a proven track record for over two decades in this line of business.

Our Location & Premises:

We are situated at prime location of computer market in the heart of the city corporate business area of Karachi which has the easiest access to approach from all corners of the city.

Our Services

We provide a complete range of Computer (Laptop, LCD & Complete computer accessories.

Prime Traders is a national wide supplier of new and used computer products and accessories. We would be delighted to discuss your requirement

Please feel free to contact and provide us a chance to serve you better.

With Warm Regards,

Muhammad Bilal Ahmed


Fri, 2010/11/05 - 11:20

Dear Shakeel,
Hope you are fine now,

I have few ideas that they can decrease many problems an cost in construction. I need to an investor for their develop, what is your idea?


Fri, 2010/11/05 - 11:20

Dear Shakeel,
Hope you are fine now,

I have few ideas that they can decrease many problems an cost in construction. I need to an investor for their develop, what is your idea?


Thu, 2011/03/03 - 03:54

Salaam Shak,

I am based in Manchester and would like to discuss a few projects with you that include Bio fuel. We are looking for investors...maybe you can assist.

Our company is hoping to submit 8 patants this year.

We are based at the Manchester Science Park.

Please email:

If you are in the area anytime drop me a line and we can meetup. It's a fantastic, genuine opportunity.

Assalam Alaykum
We are looking for a foreign investor who can invest in this sunny Maldives. I am sure this would be very great opportunity for you to make good business, as you know Maldives is a very famous Holiday Destination in the world.

Maldives offers unlimited assistance and conveniences to all businessmen and investors. The right partnerships between overseas investors and Maldivian businesses have led to astounding commercial success. The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives is growing in areas such as manufacturing and exporting, creation of well known hotels and managing resorts. This is contributed to the amazing success investors combined with our legendary culture of innovation and excellence.

The Maldives offers a clear security policy for all foreign investors.

Foreign investors are offered a transparent policy environment under article
25/79 of the law on foreign investments, guaranteeing the security of investments. In addition our liberal trade environment, dynamic private sector and development-oriented legal structure all contribute to a conducive climate for trade and investment.

The Maldives has a strong record of political stability resulting from homogenous nature of our society with one culture, one religion and one language. Thus the ethnic and political unrest that can disrupt economic activities elsewhere are practically non-existent in the Maldives.

The country is an income tax and corporate tax haven. The vast untapped potential in natural marine resources and the young, energetic and trainable workforce are strong inducements to invest in the Maldives, as has been proven by many successful foreign investors.

Foreign Investors may choose either of the following business arrangements when investing in the Maldives:

* Joint ventures with local partners
* Wholly owned foreign investments.

Incentives for investors

* No personal or corporate income tax

* No tax on profit, value added tax, property tax or capital gains tax

* No exchange restrictions

* 100 percent foreign ownership or joint ventures

* No restrictions on repatriation of capital or profits

* Streamlined foreign investment procedures

* Long term leasing of land

* Freedom to use expatriate labor (managerial, technical or unskilled)

* Low duties on exports-waivers for approved projects

we have been involved vastly in real-estate business
During all those years of point blank observation we have realized that the following types of investments can reward us quite handsomely

Real-estate business
Investing to real-estate business: 7 story building - 2 rooms apartments (estimated 3.1 lakhs us$ for 15- 20 years)
Total investments to be covered within 4-5 years and for next 10-15 years its all profits. (4- 3 rooms apartments can be built)

Remote Island Resort operation in the Maldives
Investing to open a Resort Hotel in the Maldives: 50 - 80 rooms (estimated 30 million us$ for 20 years)
Total investment to be covered is estimated within minimum 5 - 6 years depending on the markets and rates we sell the rooms annually and the remaining 14 years relax on the sunny beach counting the profits.

An excellent opportunity, for investment in the Maldives. Payback, within 6 years.

Safari vessel operation in the Maldives
Investing to build a safari vessel for operation in the Maldives: 12 rooms (24 pax) (2.5 million us$)
Total investment will be covered within maximum 2-3 years and for the next 10 - 15 years it’s all profits until the vessel is unusable for operation.

It’s estimated starting from a single safari it’s quite common practice in the Maldives that every 2 year another extra vessel is build by the safari operators due to the high profitability and quick coverage of the investment.

if you need more information please contact me:

Best Regard
Theyvis Investments

Sat, 2010/03/06 - 04:16

I have an idea and experience to start business in Karachi. So I need a investor. pls reply me on my email and i send you details

Looking for an Accredited Investor to finance or partner with a US$250,000 (or its equivalent in Euros) to implement a project of organic bananas and papayas in 22 acres of land that I own in the Dominican Republic. I count with the support of a highly experienced team in the plantation and growing of these fruits. This is an excellent opportunity to make some decent ROI in a low-risk type of business. I also accept multiple investors with amounts of at least US$50,000 once I can accommodate enough commitments. Contact me at for further details.

Please do not contact me from free email accounts. Thanks.

Looking for a investment of about 50 Cr in INR value for a project on print media and packaging industry in india. Already a printing company since last 45 years. Deatails can be shared in person. Will get good returns.
do write to me on

Hi everyone my name is Allan and i am looking for someone to invest in my company, i recently moved to canada and it is very hard to start my renovation company without a budget now that i move here i have to gain clients but its hard when i dont advertise how i am supposed to because i do now have the funds to do it i do renovations, all type of renovations
drywallin taping muddin painting tile installtions harwood installation residential and commercial cleaning. i also do concrete driveways and interlock patios as well i would love to see this company grow super big but in order to do this i need to announce my self in the radio, websites, ads on google, vehicles that can represent our logo, uniform, new tools, contracts with home builders. i would like to get 100,000.00 as an investmnet and who ever invests can actually get a percentage of what we do please feel free to call me any time 905.9662711 our website is

Mon, 2010/09/13 - 17:02

I have a very confident Exclusive Corporate Training business case on executing high profitable business with minimal investment. Total Invetsment which I seek is 65000 Canadian Dollars which will be used to setup and buy equiptments and operate business for training purposes. The projected annual turnover is reflecting to 850000 CAD on Year One and 2.5 Million on Year 3. The projected profit after all expenses is going to land anywahere around 650000 CAD on Year One and 2 Million on 3rd year. Further opportunities are available related to teh same business model which will scale into Franchise Opertaions, Recruitment etc.

I am proposing a 50% 50% Dividend Share . I have the whole ground staff and professional designations and affilitaions with major companies to support the bsuiness strategy.

Again The Market is Niche and Definitely need this business to boost up Professional in selected areas. Eventhough ether are very few corporate training institution exist in Kerala BUT, there are none compared to same as my plan.

Sat, 2012/03/03 - 17:49


We are an Investment Consultation Firm and are situated in Scotland, in the United Kingdom. We specialize in searching for potential investments for our high net-worth clients worldwide.

Our visualization is based upon securing and safe guarding our client’s interests in order to achieve the maximum return on their investments.

We have recently received a request from one of our client based here in the UK. They are currently looking for a profitable project to invest funds into that will generate a substantial profit.

We understand that you/ your company is in need of financial investors for your business hence our communication with you via this email to let you know that we are willing to invest in the business.

We need your executive summary to know your plans to be able to study it and see how possible it is for us to invest in it and also how we can process your funding.

Should this be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to e-mail us for further information

I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this email.

Kind regards
Raymond Petters

I've designed & created a working prototype through an invention & design team. Things are moving really slow..2 years in the making. I had a lunch box made that keeps food both hot / cold. My 12 yr old daughter is tired of taking sandwiches to school or eating cafeteria lunch or cold foods all together. School aged children do not have access to microwaves. I believe that this product can target: school aged children, working professionals (don't want to eat out....long lines at microwave station in lunch room, construction personnel (go to 7 elevens/convenience stores to warm up food or take microwaves to job sites), sports gaming people (various sizes..keep game cold for transport, possible even hospitals (transporting organs from hospital to hospital)

I'm ready to moved forward & have this dream become a reality. I need help get this manufactured & sold across the world. Please get in touch with me if anyone is interested.

Thu, 2010/09/30 - 23:02

Looking investor for 3 month about $3000 for publish Islamic CD, book etc interest send email to me at:

I want to start up an internet retailing company in Pakistan for which I need investment upto USD10,000. I have worked out a business plan and am ready to start this business as soon as I have the required capital to do so. Contact#: 0321-2148426

Sat, 2010/10/23 - 07:27

Hey, did you get any investors supporting your plight?

Sun, 2011/01/09 - 09:11


Fri, 2011/05/06 - 19:32

Salam what is your experience, i am in makkah.

Wed, 2010/11/10 - 00:53

Hi..pls let us know about your business plan. if it is a viable we can give what ever the possible helps.

I have a plan to get the bad wrap off my fellow muslim brothers from the world. Me as a christian believe that we serve one GOD who has many names.Respect is the key to long life for humans to live on this earth? Knowone is respecting GOD will, but use it for our own gain.My plan is to set up a better health care system for our senior to live out the rest of there lives.This also ,would help build a better understanding of different kind of disease as we get older.To buy homes so different patient can get that one on one care, so they feel like there in there own homes, instand of a big nurse home .Were the care is real bad and patient don't have there own home environment.Health care is a big thing here in the United States. I need a invester to help me start my business please contact me

hi i am moroccan from miami as you know morrocain cuisine is one of the best in the world and since there is no moroccain restaurant here in miami it is a big opportinitie to open one if somebody unterested please contact me my e mail or call me 19545594659 and also people from morocco who wanna come and invest here and to live here thanks

I need an investor for a business venture for $250,000. You will either receive payments with 10% interest for the period of 5 years or you can have 10% of the company's net profit which could amount to $150,000 annually! NO JOKES AND NO HOAX!

Mon, 2011/01/10 - 12:44

Hello.Contact me about invest.maybe i will help you

Tue, 2011/03/01 - 16:52

hello i really need to enhance my business coz now at this time it is at its peak and i need just little support

kindly if u really help me about invest reply me back as soon

Thu, 2011/11/03 - 11:55


Wed, 2011/03/02 - 21:57

Hi there, can you please contact me also? I need an investor for a large real estate project in New Zealand. All my contact details are here

Fri, 2011/05/06 - 13:56

hi ,
i am looking for an investor to franchise a well known logistic shipping and freight in needed is only rm 150k .kindly contact me for further detail.highly appreciated
thank you

Mohamed Rashid

Wed, 2011/06/29 - 15:21

sir this is deepak from bangalore(INDIA) sir tel me how munch money u can invest i have so many ideas so many plans of different budjet so reply me to my E-mail( id that how much money you can invest. Thank You

Hello ,

Its Mohd abu soud working in travel & Tourism, looking for an investor for new idea , and high potential
Business in Amman-Jordan-Middle east , i can take a loan but i dont want banks to be partner , i want Individual parnter .

Thank you very much , Kindly contact me if you are intersted .

Mohd abu soud

If you are looking to establish a business in the Unitede States we can help.
Weather you need help in finding an established business to buy or need help in carrying out your business plan we can help. We have an extensive network of contacts that can help you expedite your existing business plan or we can develop one for you. If you are interested please contact me via e mail so that we can discuss the particulars. All matters discussed will be considered confidencial. We have offices in Miami, and New York. Please do not incorporate any sensitive information in your response.

William Brito

Fri, 2010/12/31 - 10:50

It's a new type of social network. It's a very simple idea and very easy to put in practice. Estimated investment - aprox 150k for the beginning.
Thank you.

Sellam Alikom,
I live and work in Bosnia, now I am looking for an serious Investor to help me buy one University which has trouble in liquidity. The situation is following; this University is a young educational institution which has a great growth potential, in this moment there are 2000 students studying there. The trouble is, that the University made and Investment in construction of two new buildings for expanding and settling their students in new classrooms with better equipment. But in the past year, with the Recession the University started to stumble and it is in a situation that it can't continue the construction of the new buildings which are crucial for new students.

Now I am looking for an SERIOUS Investor, who is willing to fund me 100% in order to save the University and help me to re-organize and increase capital in the University. Investment (Funding), needed is 2,200,000.00 USD= 1,608,214.38EUR, the Investor should not ask any REFINANCE in the first 6 months (grace period). In return, I am willing to negotiate the monthly/yearly dividend and/or a % in the ownership.

NOTE: This is not an FAST REPAY or a BIG MONEY Investment, it is a good deed to save one University to survive and continue its mission to educate and help young people find the right path in their life.

Anyone interested, please contact me on my e-mail: or via telephone + 387 62 841 818

Thank you very much.

Thu, 2011/01/27 - 13:38

Hi, i need an investor for 30 acres farm (it can up to 100 acres) in Khartoum (Sudan)
please email be back at for more details

Mon, 2011/02/14 - 03:07

i am planning to open a school or college of modren education in khanewal district because in this area so much potential and so much physible n so much profitable if someone right person hanving Allah fear persons wanna invest their money with us plz send me email on this address.we can discuss in details.we can provide any kind of gurantee,contact freely on this no.00023336215520 or email freely.With best wishes.

Wed, 2011/03/02 - 22:00

Hi there, I am the sole principal for a major real estate project in New Zealand. Trophy asset and seeking an investment partner that can inject $500,000 into our company. Please contact me for more information at 0064 9 973 0607 or

Thu, 2011/03/10 - 17:31



I am an accomplished, internationally experienced management professional whose 20-year career in the AFTER MARKET AUTO PARTS retail industry has been chronicled by numerous awards (including “Manager of the Year” honors for a Fortune 500 retailer), fast-track promotions, and goal-surpassing revenue and KPI results.

Over the course of my career, I have served in roles that include store manager, general manager, district manager, and regional director for major auto parts retailers and service centers in the U.S. and UAE. As a result of this experience, I offer you comprehensive experience in the management of large, cross-functional teams (up to 160 employees); multi-site operations (up to 14 stores generating $18M annually); and all aspects of the retail industry (including budgeting/P&L/forecasting management; customer service, sales, merchandising, inventory, payroll, shrink, store startups/remodels, plan-o-grams, and more).

In all positions held, I have earned repeated recognition for outstanding startup, turnaround, and high-growth leadership. Achievement highlights include:

 Leading the startup of flagship storefronts as regional director of store operations for my current employer (CarQuest, Inc.) to open a new retail market and drive multimillion-dollar sales growth in a single year (exceeding goals by over $1M).

Hello, I am in need of an investor to invest $5000 in my new innovated product. My product is designed to help females of all age groups all over the world. My new product will change females lives and and help them in a great and positive way. I have already created a prototype and designed my logo. I have even made them at home and sold them online. I am not able to mass produce them from my home. My product is a much needed product and females everywhere will want to own a pair. The ones that I have made and sold online, the women were so happy and pleased. I own a pair and my daughters and female friends have a pair. Females everywhere need this product and will be greatly appreciative of it. I am needing an investor to help fund my new product so that I can market my product. Thank you kindly.

Fri, 2011/05/06 - 19:27

Could you please more brief on you product and which country you are based.

I'm running a call center here in karachi and now I'm looking for a partner to increse my business level on urgent basis.

The total investment will be 200K and the profit margin will be 30 thousands to 50 thousands per month.

For further kindly do give me a call at 0345-2092098

Tue, 2011/05/31 - 02:03


Please tell me more about your project and about yourself ?


Our Company is a distributor of door locks and accessories for projects via distributors in Malaysia.We are planning to set up an assembly plant for the products .Those interested are requested to give details of the propose Joint Venture projects.Min Fund required approx USD one (1) Million.

Sun, 2011/03/27 - 07:28

Idea sense:
I want to build and launch a logistic center for vegetables and fruits based on modern technologies on the territory of Ukraine.
Location: Nikolaev, Ukraine

Economic value:
1. F&V LogNW - integral element of infrastructure for ITC No.7, No.9, transport channels Odessa-Nikolaev-Donetsk, Odessa-Nikolaev-Kharkov, Nikolaev-Kiev, Yalta-Nikolaev-Lvov
2. Solution of specialized warehouse facilities deficit issue for big and small agricultural and trade enterprises
3. Increase of efficiency in warehousing costs due to scalability of fixed costs share
4. Increase of efficiency in product costing due to goods losses cutting.

Potential clients: retail networks, agricultural companies, private enterpreneurs, shipping companies

Expected forms of investments: private investments, credit facilities from banks.

Investment amount: $12-18 mio
Project development period: 18 months
Investment payback period: 55-57 months
Annual income: 32,5%