Fifteen Regional Centers for housing development have been set up in India. These centers serve as a network linking the housing needs of people from different parts of the country. Some of the apartment complexes and Flats in Kochi are now part of such regional centers. Such a network has certain unique advantages as well. It helps to meet the immediate housing needs of people moving into another city on urgent requirements.

The sincere efforts of the National Housing Board (NHB) to meet the housing needs of everyone must be complimented. Being a central body, the NHB has enough funds to finance scores of building projects at any given point of time. Also to meet the urgent requirements in different locations, the central government always used to go out of the way to meet the immediate housing requirements.

Consider the needs of a family moving from the Middle East or another state to Kochi. Finding rentals at short notice is not at all an easy task. Not only that without the help of the local real estate consultants no headway will be possible. Also to find a house on rent at the destination of your choice will take much time. Not only that, even if you happen to find a house being offered for rent at the destination of your choice, you may find it difficult to manage the final costs since exorbitant rentals will turn you away.

If you happen to be part of the regional housing network, then relocation will be just a cakewalk. The concerned agency will hand over the keys of a new flat in Kochi right on your arrival in the city. You can attend to your immediate business needs or get into your job without any of the hassles associated with relocation and readjustment into a different environment from the one you are used to at present.