I am from malaysia..I need help to move the capital project is planned as one by one below.

1. Nipah crab breeding project. Profit in the month between 30 to 40%
2. Planting a tree name perfumed wood tree, plant a tree is the initial price of USD 3-5, after 5 years of a tree estimated to be in at least USD 350. Market oil obtained from trees that can be reached USD 4000 - USD 5200 per kg. For it is the market price of wood is USD 12.86 per kilogram.
3. Fish breeding projects that have high market at market (freshwater and Saltwater)
4. Breeding cows and goats with large-scale
5. For vegetable cultivation using modern technology.
6. Production Product & Food Biotechnology.
7. Construction of petrol station

Provisions required in the USD 1,500,000




I am looking for a prive investor or Loan provider.(loan return i can give for 10%to 11 % PA)
Interested VC's and Equity participants are also welcome. Kindly contact me. in India
+91 9711139007
The ROI of the Power plant is 20%PA.
The net investment will be 30 % of project cost: 1 Million USD or more.
The payback period is 5.2 years on full investment.
managed by a very experienced Engineers.
All clearances done from comapny and govt. side.
The company has eneterd into agreement with the government for power supply. Running short of 0.8 Million USD as promoter colntribution hence the project is on halt. If Anybody interested kindly contact me on my personal phone asap and befor 5th Feb.

I need a serious investor in agroculture, I am from Malaysia ..

Among the areas that can bring results that are profitable for the preservation Swiftlet nest. In the present value of these birds nest is worth USD1143 to USD 1430 per kg. Using modern technology for the preservation of these birds in the building. Spend the necessary USD 300.000 - USD 1.5 million.

For example:

For building area 4500 square feet (20 'X 70') 3 level, maximum production is 120 kilograms per year Swallow Nests. With market price USD1143 to USD 1430 per kg to produce income USD 171.429 per annum


* To the interested investor to the first ad, I apologize because I was preparing a proposal to include this second ad

Sun, 2010/01/31 - 17:19

Dear investor,

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