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We are running a forex fund management business which is a UK registered company since 2003. We are now looking forward to upgrade our business to Spot Forex Brokerage Firm.

Currently we are operating through our offices in London and Scotland. However, we are planning to open our main branch in UAE (Dubai).

For all these reasons; we are trying to raise funds up to One Million Dollars. Interested parties may contact us with questions and concerns. Our business model, business plan, current monthly income proves etc are ready to be shown when required.

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Tue, 2009/03/31 - 06:28


I have just read your advertisement about looking for investment for your business.

I am not offering investment for your business, however I am offering you a solution to trade your spot fx with.If you would like further information please contact me via the information below and we could possibly discuss any matters you would like to.

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Adris Akram
55 Basinghall Street
London EC2V 5DU
+44(0)20 7997 7815 Tel
+44(0)20 7997 7820 Fax
+44(0)7917 839 380 Mobile

Sat, 2009/10/17 - 21:19

i like your idea but i would know detailed business model before i start .


Sun, 2009/11/22 - 22:45


I have interest to know more about your FX system,
as you can see I am into Information Analytical System (Islamic Finance) and exactly how it may or may not work hand in hand or used your system .. I guess i have to find out more from you, that is if you are willing to share.

My Name, Ishak Ismail , CEO Founder of ISI GLobal Amity Malaysia. Contact email : ishakisiglobal@gmail.com and Hp Number +65 24621245.

Sat, 2010/03/06 - 04:30

salaam i am zafar rizwan i have good experience handel to forex back office so any forex compnay need my servies so pls email me

Mon, 2011/08/29 - 13:40


This is samsudeen , an experienced professional floor trader,with good knowledge in Futures, Forex & Commodities.Looking for clients account to trade on Profit sharing basis.
I can able to commit 250% return on clients margin per year.
I can manage any amount of margin with good risk management

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