Types of investments in Yemen:.
1 - Investment in oil and gas.
2 - investment in the field of technology.
3 - investment in the management of ports.
4 - Investment in the field of construction.

We through our company, we will carries out all the facilities across the Yemeni government
Though you desire to invest Please send profile companies wishing to invest in the fastest time because there are rival companies are many and after Inquire about these companies in terms of their worth and business that has implemented before we will request to send official paper showing your desire to invest and be delivered to the competent authorities after that the competent authorities will send a response specifying the date of the interview between the company and the Yemeni government.
We have the ability to lay on you without investment company to enter in any competition

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We are looking for a foreign investor who can invest in this sunny Maldives. I am sure this would be very great opportunity for you to make good business, as you know Maldives is a very famous Holiday Destination in the world.

Maldives offers unlimited assistance and conveniences to all businessmen and investors. The right partnerships between overseas investors and Maldivian businesses have led to astounding commercial success. The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives is growing in areas such as manufacturing and exporting, creation of well known hotels and managing resorts. This is contributed to the amazing success investors combined with our legendary culture of innovation and excellence.

The Maldives offers a clear security policy for all foreign investors.

Foreign investors are offered a transparent policy environment under article
25/79 of the law on foreign investments, guaranteeing the security of investments. In addition our liberal trade environment, dynamic private sector and development-oriented legal structure all contribute to a conducive climate for trade and investment.

The Maldives has a strong record of political stability resulting from homogenous nature of our society with one culture, one religion and one language. Thus the ethnic and political unrest that can disrupt economic activities elsewhere are practically non-existent in the Maldives.

The country is an income tax and corporate tax haven. The vast untapped potential in natural marine resources and the young, energetic and trainable workforce are strong inducements to invest in the Maldives, as has been proven by many successful foreign investors.

Foreign Investors may choose either of the following business arrangements when investing in the Maldives:

* Joint ventures with local partners
* Wholly owned foreign investments.

Incentives for investors

* No personal or corporate income tax

* No tax on profit, value added tax, property tax or capital gains tax

* No exchange restrictions

* 100 percent foreign ownership or joint ventures

* No restrictions on repatriation of capital or profits

* Streamlined foreign investment procedures

* Long term leasing of land

* Freedom to use expatriate labor (managerial, technical or unskilled)

* Low duties on exports-waivers for approved projects

Safari vessel operation in the Maldives

Investing to build a safari vessel for operation in the Maldives: 10 rooms (20 pax) (3.5 million us$)
Total investment will be covered within maximum 2-3 years and for the next 10 - 15 years it’s all profits until the vessel is unusable for operation.

It’s estimated starting from a single safari it’s quite common practice in the Maldives that every 2 year another extra vessel is build by the safari operators due to the high profitability and quick coverage of the investment.

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