Experienced trading team seek capital partner for expansion of profitable and proven private trading business.

All investment held in partners own name with limited power of attorney to transact multiple currency transactions per day with no ability to transfer funds away from account holder.

Share of business revenue plus profit share negotiable dependent upon investment size. Monthly return to investor based on previous monthly volume average approx 2.5% (30% pa) plus performance returns (90% gross last 13 months)

Established team with over 50yrs joint experience & compensated only through trading profits. Full trading track record available and references

How it works
• Open YOUR own account with LMAX UK registered broker, your account can be funded in any major currency
• Sign power of attorney allowing GAIA to trade on your behalf
• Your account is available to you 24/7 to check profits, deposit and withdraw funds
• GAIA is incentivized with a performance fee of 25% of trading profits
• GAIA risks no more than 1.0% of your account balance per trade. For example a $50,000 account would be subject to $500 risked per trade (our average risk is 0.5%)
• In the last one and a half years, our largest monthly gain was 13.81%
• The duration of most trades is 6 to 24 hours, profits and losses are realized in a short period of time
• We have stop losses in place on ALL trades
• GAIA is committed to protecting your capital, not just increasing it