Developer and family are one of the top money families in Egypt.

Marry Christmas & happy New Year, First of all let me thank you for  your usual cooperation with us, and I would like to inform you that I am starting a new project here in Cairo. Egypt

It is a diving school built on 8500 meters consists of 04 floors the main activity will be the diving school courses it will also contain a big gem center, a SPA hall , pooling hall, snooker room & a small cinema for 600 people

Our swimming pool depth will be from 01 meter to 25 meters build as same as the Olympic swimming pools, and we will manage a good diving courses in our project for all ages

In this stage I need to know if your company could provide the project equipments, designs, the swimming pool design, partners & the expected cost of this project

Thanking you in advance       





In the 2008, our client company is planning to build one shipyard company near the seaport in China , so we want to find one capital partner. So we are hoping to cooperate with you, or anyone you know that may have salt water in their veins.  If you are interested, please contact us freely to discuss the details. Please make referrals.


We have the land, 67,000 Sqm. (16.5 acres) The select investor and client company will each invest. The total amount of investment is about 100,000,000 RMB or ($13,700,000 USD).


This shipyard will build steel cargo vessels. As you know the Chinese government is pushing for more domestic manufacturers to build for Chinese cargo shippers. Actually, the government has said the cargo lines have to buy domestically. So we have a very good market opportunity.


Other Project Globally, Request Information and we shall send our company profile and projects. If you have a project requiring strong management team, please respond. If you are an investor and require your projects be vetted and supervised for profit, we are at your Service. Contact


Wed, 2008/01/23 - 09:02

hello my name is josef kowalsi
i am interested in your project could you send me more info with figures and prospects i work for an private investor
ps: i would like to have direct contact with some one in charge pleaase send me e-mail and phone number
my e-mail is