I am Romy D, inventor of FUEL SAVING DEVICE that improves FUEL COMBUSTION of any internal combustion engine. The device was invented to MAXIMIZE an engines' performance at a fraction of the usual cost of the popular HOT RODDING techniques. Besides giving 30% added engine power it also gives
1.) 20 up to 50% added mileage/savings fuel
2.) 95% Less Air Pollution,
3.) Less 30% Maintenance Cost,
4.) 30% Longer engine life.

At the moment we are in the PHILIPPINE based, I am looking a business partners to invest my invention.


Mon, 2009/10/05 - 10:52

I am Sher afzal have an Invention idea which with further help of a partner investor skilled in the art of liquid fuel would like to make this invention a reality fuel- My invention is THERMO - liquid fuel which will require an electric current to trigger the fuel to drive aircraft engines via temprature control system repeatedly.

Aircrafts will benefit highly from this fuel OZONE friendly Invention full info can be shared under NDA to be convinced that this fuel which recycles & is smokeless is the fuel for future aircrafts.(Powerfull - Green liquid fuel)

All who are interested welcome but only genuine with the aime to Share investment/ -project partner?