We are seeking funding for telecoms projects in Malaysia covering Malaysia , Indonesia and Thailand and also in Kenya for a country wide network. The licenses are all in place and we require funds for the roll out.

If anyone interested:

Please contact me at :



Greetings to all. We are engaged in oil palm plantation's business. We realized there exist huge investment potential in establishing oil palm plantation on Sarawak Native lands (Untitled but recognised by the government)through joint venture basis with the aborigines, owning lands from several hundred to few thousand hectares and suitable soil type for oil palm planting.We have in hand, several pieces of Native lands to be developed and the development cost (up to maturity) will not exceed RM20,000 per hectare.

Genuine investor/s, please contact me - kohthau@yahoo.com. Best regards.

Thu, 2009/10/01 - 06:34

I am interested in your project and want you to contact me through this email address below for further discussions: abdulkader.albakri@hotmail.com