Asalamu'alikum Wr Wb

Looking for investor muslim or loan for small industry that produce a motorcycle accesories. The fund we needed about $5000 - $ 10.000 company location in Indonesia. Please contact my email for further information.


Business Opportunity

Assalaam Alaikum,

I’d like to establish a good EXPORT business relationship with people around the world.

I can supply quality tuna and other fish products to anyplace in the world.

Please contact me at:-
Private mails:;;
Mobile: (Would give the mobile number when we establish a good business relation)

Wish you all the best in life.

Alhamdhu Allah

Mon, 2010/01/25 - 20:30

pl send me the details we can do business together let me know wht u exporting etc my cell no 630-440-8290

Sun, 2011/11/06 - 18:34

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please give me your email address. Also do send me an email regarding the exact type of products you're interested in.

NOTE: I will not be checking this post on a regular basis but I do check my emails daily. So please try to communicate via emails given.

Kind regards,

Private Email:

Dear, I am looking for an investor, partner or loan for two big projects in Middle East. The cost of the first project is about 40,000,000 US $(Woven of poly propylene block bottom valve sack for cement bags 50 KGS). The cost of the second project is about 80,000,000 US $ (dairy barns for 4000 milking cows). But I have not any Guarantees
Wait for your reply and have a nice day,
Mohamed Zayed

Mon, 2010/11/01 - 07:19

Hellow mr Mohammad

I have more than serious source that could look in your projects..but I need brief explain about them,and what are you going to offer for the partner as a guarantee or a share for the partnership

Tue, 2013/02/05 - 02:21

dear sir.
we have very profitable project in Anyer / Indonesia.
If you are interested and have Investor for this project, we will send you detailed proposal.
Thank you.

Tue, 2010/12/28 - 19:36

I have a project on real estate in my country and fun fare its a really booming business around here. any investor who is interested and willing to come down here face face meeting to prove to you that am serious. We can discuss more on this. you can contact me through my email add

We need an investor or a loan to Start our building construction project that called "Dream House Residence", a luxury building in Tehran, Iran.
It's really a "Special Opportunity", no risk and profitable investment.
We need one or a group of investor to project funding.
If anyone interested,for more details and information contact me at:


Alireza Ghazaee