I am a former real estate agent. I have successfully owned and operated several small businesses. I have researched and dreamed of this opportunity for a very long time, now I am determined to see it through. I will be relocating to Costa Rica to scout for potential properties, I will be on-site to oversee the project from start to finish and I also will be doing some of the work on the project to reduce our expenses. The important factor that I am missing is the investment. This opportunity has unlimited potential, and is an amazing opportunity for the right person. If interested lets talk and see if we would be the right fit for this venture.



Regards to your advert about possible investment. I wish to bring to your notice my interest to partnership with you in this great business opportunity.

Looking forward for a good working relationship with you. May the peace of Almighty Allah be with you and my regards to your family?


Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh.

Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh
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Fri, 2009/12/11 - 01:18

Dear Friend and brother,
I am willing to partner with you. Let me have a clear chart of the proposal so i can see the prospects.
Hamza Umar