I am looking for an investor who will invest in the product concept whihc i have developed. This product will catch the eye of the people in the hospitality industry. Its unique features will be a value added option to the resort business. This product will have a good demand all over the world as i asume.

Drop me an email if you are interested in getting into further at : ahmed.athyf@gmail.com

Skype ID : maldivesathif




Fri, 2013/01/11 - 04:13

Our main business is Shaina Maldives Travel agency.

we have license for :
import and export handling trade.
cargo ship handling.
travel and tourism business.
shipping agent.
port agent.
aircraft operating / Airline agent.
fishing export.
resort operating and tourism.
director Mohamed Saeed.if you are interested sent a email,shainamaldives@gmail.commy mobile number is 9607612525