Assalamu'alaikum. I am new to the forum, and am looking for Muslim mutual funds, ETFs, and asset management firms in the EMEA region. I work for a fund flows tracking company and I feel that the region and segment is underrepresented in our products. Any leads would be most welcome, even if it is just to websites. Of course, if you know any fund managers, I would appreciate the referral so that I may contact them.


Thank you for reading the post, and I wish you well. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you have on what I am looking for.


Fri, 2009/06/19 - 09:48


Please check out the site:

Virji Investments is an asset management company specializing in Sharia-compliant investing.



I am looking for Muslim mutual funds for set up a cold storage in Bangladesh. I have been operating an NGO in Bangladesh. I am also looking for fund for the NGO. I will be appreciated if any investor wants to invest our project in Bangladesh. My address and my contact no. are given below.

Md. Reajul Haque Patwari
House # 3, Stadium Road
Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh
Telephone: +880 591 61069, Cellphone: +880 1715 596118
+880 1831 316198

Tue, 2011/02/08 - 00:39

Good day,

We are a business group from Namibia.

We are in the mining , develop and property sector.

We have a few upcoming projects that will have good return. The investors will have shares in this Namibian companies and will receive profit sharing.

Here are some of the projects:
1. Coarse salt – 600 000 tons per year minimum.
2. Tantalite mining – very high income. (other mineral also available)
3. Low cost housing – tax exemption.
4. Coastal properties – very secure and good return
5. Stone Crushing– lots of contracts available.

If you need more information on any of this projects please contact me.

Kind regards,
Leon Nienaber.