Dear Sir ,

Can you pls let me know , where can i find the sponsor for my project ?

Im looking a sponsor for my Green Motorcycles Project Design.

Hi there im looking about sponsor with captital for start my new design project about Green Motorcycles. It is not same a normal Green Motorcycles ;No gas, no oil and almost silent and self powered supply. ( infinity system )
This is much more tech and new idea for the green Motorcycles of the world.

This i cannot tell all details about my new design ,because it must be secret for new system product...

This i want some sponsor with money for start to build some prototype of this my project and for pay everything for making prototype parts , pay my staff , tools , all parts etc.., but that i need some times for build all and test them too.

I talking about times for 6 months for build this my new design for prototype 2 models, But i will take only the best one for you.

In this project my new design , i need the capital from someone who interesting about this business and can sponsor me, I talking about 100,000 USD for start build my new design and test and Modifieds etc ...

For start to build the prototype of this my new design Green Motorcycles " infinity system "

It will take times about 6 months for 2 type of models and for Test and Modifieds will take times more about 6-12 months for make sure with this product for sale on the market world - wide and people can used it.

If you interesting to sponsor support to me money for do all research this new idea ,for build the prototype and test and Modifieds and that you will own this my design too ! ..

This i can sign the contract with you if you want to sponsor and sure you will a owner of this my design too.

My need from you ( sponsor ):
- Capital for build, test and Modifieds everything about 100,000 USD
- After finished to build the prototype ,then i need from you more 50,000 USD
( Total captital 150,000 USD )

What you will get from this project ( my design ):
- You will a owner and right to manufacturing in this my design forever.
- You can sale this new product under your brands name to world-wide market.
- I dont want anymore money form you , but up to you want to give me more.
- All details about this my new design will give to you after all it done.
- Also you can give to your people Modifieds more about the look like what you want or anything.

If anyone interesting to sponsor me, then pls contact with me on email:

Or pls come to meet me in person at Thailand.


tel: +66826873935