I need to raise aproximately one million to start one Bowling Center.
The money that is needed probably will be less than that, but i prefer to present that amount, so that there will be no bad surprises.
I live in Portugal, in the Azores island. In this area, there are nothing for people to do as a familly and still have a good time. The population is around 30 000 people living permanently on this island, and during the summer, normally it gets to 60 000, 70 000 people with the tourism.
Since this is an island, i don't have to worry about people going to play in another bowling center.
The bowling center will have a restaurant; a bar; some pool tables; some video games and of course bowling tracks.
I know that i'm talking on a lot of money, but i'm asking you, if it's not possible to invest one million, please send me the best you can. Even if it is $1, it's always a very good help.
If you are going to invest more than $1, but less than one million, please contact me first, and i will only request for the money when i get the rest of it.
I believe that i can return the investment money by 50%, i just can not garantee that it will be on the first, or on the 10 year.

Looking to ear good news, best regards

Anibal Oliveira


Wed, 2010/01/13 - 02:40

A Salaam Alaikum,
Kindly get back to me via this my private email(wedadfouad@ymail.com) with your business plan/ proposal for immediate review and possible funding.
May the peace of ALLAH be with you!

Fri, 2010/01/15 - 02:17

We are very much interested and capable of funding your project without problems and at a very reasonable interest rate.We will discuss the interest for which you are willing to give to us for the investment once you contact us directly via email leonfrancois44@yahoo.co.uk
I will expect your mail if indeed you are interested in doing business with us and getting the funds you require.
My warm regards to you.


Sun, 2010/01/17 - 12:55


Dear Sir,

We wish to enlist our name as Business Company with your
Business Organization where we can share Business contacts
among Muslims and extend our each other Business relations
within Muslims Community.

Hoping your kind support.


M. Ashraf