Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

I am a wholesaler from Malaysia and have contacts both in my country and China for importing goods from that country.

As you all know China is fast emerging as a world supermarket if you will due to its massive manufacturing capability and cost effective practices, several Malaysian Muslim entrepreneur have set up offices in Malaysia and China to capitalize on this world trade phenomenon.

For immediate details, the offices in Malaysia is design to handle administrative duties such as purchasing and local distribution of China made goods whereas offices in China manage a warehouse for storage and inspection of ordered products and also locating and maintaining good relationship with manufacturers.

If you are worried about quality, then i would suggest you to take apart your computer or notebook piece by piece and please check if there is any made in china labels, quality depends on the grade of purchased products. For more details on how to get good quality china made goods please feel free to start a business relationship with me through


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I would liek to know in what products you deal

I am interested in importing frm China, the following products:

IT products
Ladies dress and accessories
Garment Accessories.
and others...

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Fakira Noor
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tel : (230) 7962269

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