Its a new modern fiberglass 110F vessal , excellent +A calss vessel ready for any kinda job here in maldives. all the fiber work is finied and only we need is an engine (at least 450 hp).Good opertunity to invest money on this vassel because in here in Maldives yellowfin tuna and tourism is the majour income, this huge vassel can be used as a floating fish factory (fishing + packing onboard) for tuna export and it can be used as fishing safari, long line fishing, pole & line fishing even as a cargo carrier etc. this brand new A+ fiberglass vassel, the investor who is willing to invest money on the boat will be given 48% of the profit through the court. Payment for the boat which is USD 350000, can be discussed and paid within two payments. i guarantee you that less than 2 years you can cover up ur investment.

-full fiber glass 110f (excelent qualtiy fiberwork)
-max hull capacity 70 tons
-builtin ice plant (5tons/day)
- can carry about 40f two containers of goods if we want to supply goods to resorts.
-this is a modern multipurpose vessel.

(+960 7988774)